Luis Majano

September 05, 2012

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We are so glad to announce our CFCamp 2012 boot camp training in Munich, Germany.  We will be attending this amazing conference from October 15-16, 2012 in beautiful Munich, Germany.  Then on October 17 and 18 we will be holding several ColdBox and ContentBox trainings, called HOTs (Hands on Trainings).  Each HOT will be about 4 hours long.

October 17 - ColdBox Basics

In this HOT we will introduce you to the ColdBox Platform and get you started in MVC.  We will get hands on experience in building a sample ColdBox application and review the basics of MVC architecture.  Topic Outline will be:

  • Course Introduction
  • ColdBox Introduction
  • Request Context
  • Event Handlers Exposed
  • Layouts/Views
  • Model Integration

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October 17 - ColdBox Advanced

In this HOT we will cover advanced ColdBox techniques as they apply to ColdFusion ORM.  We will investigate all the ORM extensions that ColdBox offers and build an application with ColdBox and ColdFusion ORM. Topic Outline will be:

  • Quick ORM Introduction
  • ColdBox Base ORM Service
  • Virtual Entity Services
  • Active Entity
  • Entity Event Handlers
  • Hibernate ColdBox Criteria Builders
  • Building an ORM enabled application
  • Generating the database from our domain model
  • Testing our application

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October 18 - ContentBox Modular CMS Basics

ContentBox is a next generation modular content management platform for ColdFusion.  It is completely free and open source.  It is based on ColdBox and modular architecture that allows for ANY ColdBox application to provide CMS capabilities via modules.  In this HOT we will get to do the following:

  • Introduction to ContentBox
  • ContentBox architecture
  • Installing ContentBox
  • ContentBox directory structure
  • Capabilities overview
  • Creating our first ContentBox Site

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October 18 - ContentBox Modular CMS Advanced

In this advanced session, we will take what we learned in our basics HOT and continue to expand our site by applying advanced techniques like:

  • Creating a custom layout theme
  • Creating a widget
  • Creating a module
  • Content Custom Fields
  • Custom HTML Values
  • Advanced administration

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