Luis Majano

May 17, 2024

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Finally, the wait is over! After a lot of intrigue and almost 10 months of extremely hard work, we can finally tell you about the most important release of the year for us at Ortus:

BoxLang: Multi-Runtime Dynamic JVM Language

BoxLang is a modern dynamic JVM language that can be deployed on multiple runtimes: operating system (Windows/Mac/nix/Embedded), web server, lambda, iOS, android, web assembly, and more. BoxLang combines many features from different programming languages, including Java, ColdFusion, Python, Ruby, Go, and PHP, to provide developers with a modern and expressive syntax.

BoxLang has been designed to be a highly adaptable and dynamic language to take advantage of all the modern features of the JVM and was designed with several goals in mind:

  • Be a rapid application development (RAD) scripting language and middleware;.
  • Unstagnate the dynamic language ecosystem within Java.
  • Be dynamic, modular, lightweight, and fast.
  • Be 100% interoperable with Java.
  • Be modern, functional, and fluent (Think mixing CFML, Node, Kotlin, Java, and Clojure)
  • Be able to support the following runtime environments and future runtimes through modularity:
    • Native OS Binaries (CLI Tooling, compilers, etc.)
    • Servlet Containers - CommandBox/Tomcat/Jetty/JBoss
    • Serverless (AWS Lambda/Azure Functions)
    • JSR-223 Common JVM Scripting API
    • Android/iOS Devices
    • Web assembly
  • Compile down to Java ByteCode
  • Allow backward compatibility with the ColdFusion/CFML Language

Tired of limitations? BoxLang is here to shake things up! It's a new, modern, and modular language built for the JVM, empowering developers to take control and create the future of software development for any runtime now and in the future. BoxLang redefines development with its modular nature, allowing you to write expressive and functional code easily. Its modular architecture prioritizes flexibility, seamlessly integrating into existing ecosystems like Java and CFML.


Unmatched Adaptability

  • Dynamic Typing: Write code without explicit type declarations. BoxLang infers types and adapts seamlessly.

Dynamic Typing
  • Multi-Runtime: Deploy code on various platforms, from native OS to cloud functions (AWS Lambda, etc.)

Dynamic Typing
  • Established Ecosystem: Leverage existing Java and ColdFusion/CFML libraries effortlessly.

Established Ecosystem

Seamless Integration

  • 100% Java Interoperable: Extend and use Java objects, classes, and annotations.

Java Interop
  • Dual Parser: Run ColdFusion/CFML code natively within BoxLang (More languages are targeted for transpilation).

Dual Parser

Enhanced Developer Experience

  • Low-Verbosity Syntax: Write clean, readable, and expressive code.

Low Verbosity
  • Event-Driven Architecture: Extend the language's core functionality and customize applications through events.

Event-Driven Arch
  • Powerful IDE Tools: Visual Studio Code extension with syntax highlighting, debugging, code completion, and more. (Advanced features available with BoxLang+ subscription)

Low Verbosity

Robust Functionality

  • Enterprise Caching: Built-in caching with customization options and monitoring capabilities.

Enterprise Caching
  • Task Scheduling Framework: Define and manage scheduled tasks centrally with a user-friendly syntax.

Low Verbosity
  • Functional Programming Support: Write maintainable and reliable code with features like immutability and higher-order functions.

Functional Programming Support

Unparalleled Extensibility

Modular Design: Create custom BoxLang modules to add functionalities, modify existing classes, and extend the language.

Functional Programming Support
  • Meta-Programming: Modify BoxLang objects and classes dynamically to achieve unique behaviors.

Functional Programming Support

Empowering Innovation

  • Serverless Development: Write event-driven functions that scale effortlessly, reducing development time and costs. Our entire playground has been built with AWS Lambdas.

Created and Powered by Ortus Solutions

At Ortus Solutions, we have created open-source libraries and frameworks for over 18 years. These libraries and frameworks have mostly been targeted at the ColdFusion/CFML ecosystems and powering thousands of clients across the globe. From federal and state agencies (NASA, FAA, SSA, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc) to multi-million dollar companies (L'Oreal,, GE, etc.) and thousands of higher education colleges and universities. We manage the most widely used frameworks for Model View Controller (MVC), Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming, Test and Behavior Driven Development, Messaging, Asynchronous programming, REPL, the CFML package manager, the docker containers, and hundreds of libraries that power developers and applications worldwide.

To continue innovating, pushing forward all the ideas of the tools and libraries we want to create, and further servicing our clients with their ever-changing needs, we needed one further step in the development process: controlling the language of execution. To accomplish the vision the engineering team has in mind for all the libraries, tools, applications, and client needs, we needed a modern take on a dynamic language that we could spearhead and evolve at our pace and not only for the ColdFusion/CFML ecosystems anymore. Thus, BoxLang was born. Get ready; this is just the beginning.

  • BoxLang is free, open-source software under the Apache 2.0 license. We encourage and support community contributions.
  • BoxLang+ and BoxLang ++ are commercial versions offering support and enterprise features. Our licensing model is based on fairness and the golden rule: Do to others as you want them to do to you.

BoxLang Subscription Plans

BoxLang is more than just a language; it's a movement.

Join us and redefine development on the JVM Ready to learn more? Explore BoxLang's Features, Documentation, and Community.

Join the BoxLang Revolution!

The Future is Dynamic: BoxLang, revolutionize your development!

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