Into the Box 2022 - Conference Recap

Gavin Pickin September 16, 2022

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Gavin Pickin

September 16, 2022

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This year's Into the Box has just wrapped up, but we are already preparing for 2023’s Into the Box, May, Houston, Texas! The event was a huge success. We had solid in-person attendance, almost doubling our online viewership from 2021, and great feedback from Houston attendees and online. So many attendees didn't say goodbye at the end of the conference; they said see you next year, which, as an organizer, lets you know you've done things right and the hard work has paid off.

If you did not attend 2022, this blog post should give you a taste of what you missed. If you did attend, this should be a solid recap. We hope you can start planning for May 2023 to make our 10th ITB the best yet.

Can't wait for May 2023? Do not worry; we have Into the Box LATAM Dec 2022 in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Watch our ITB 2022 Recap Video on YouTube -

Thank You

Thanks to a lot of people who made this event possible.

  • Attendees The attendees are what the conference is all about, spreading great content to help inspire and inform our developer community, which will in return grow and empower our developer community. The attendees are what the Conference is all about, spreading great content to help inspire and inform our developer community, which will, in return, grow and empower our developer community. The attendees in Houston were positive, talkative, engaged, and we enjoyed talking at meals, in the hallway sessions, late night meals in the restaurant at the Hotel, and at Happy Box. We wish we had more time with you all, but we are thankful. Online attendees were great, asking questions, attending lots of sessions, and participating, even though they were not in person. We hope you felt included and valued, as we were happy to have twice as many online attendees as in 2021.

  • Speakers We were fortunate to have so many amazing speakers, online and in Houston, which allowed us to deliver great content, making Into the Box a top-quality conference. We had a few favorites unavailable, but we know they'll be back in 2023 as we lift the bar even higher.
  • Sponsors
    • Platinum Sponsors
      • Adobe
      • Ortus Solutions
    • Silver
      • TeraTech
      • WRIS Web Services
    • Bronze
      • Computer Know How
      • Foundeo
    • In-Kind
      • United Airlines
  • ITB Committee

Big wins - attending the conference in Person

Virtual conferences are great, but you cannot beat a real-life, in-person conference with great speakers, sponsors, and attendees, and this is one of the reasons we believe ITB is an amazing conference.

Quote from Nolan Erck’s Into the Box 2022 Recap Blog Post

Yesterday I got asked what session had the most value for me. While all the sessions were great, I got the most value out of a group conversation on Thursday evening over dessert, then another with some of the same folks on Friday morning at breakfast. We covered everything from stress to dealing with the pandemic, families, anxiety, and how we’re coping with everything happening in the world currently. It was probably the best conversation(s) I had all week, and was very much worth the trip by itself.

  • In-Person Workshops Nothing beats an in-person, hands-on workshop in a small classroom with an expert trainer to teach and guide you. We got some fantastic feedback from workshop attendees, who loved the content, but loved the personalized support, questions, and feedback time even more.
  • Hallway Track
    • Speak face-to-face with other CFML developers and organizations
    • Stay up-to-date on the “undercurrent” of the CF space
    • Make new friends and rediscover old friendships in a cozy, comfortable-sized conference, where you aren't lost in the crowd.
  • Great meals - The Conference food was some of the best I have had in a long time, with lots of options, more than enough for everyone, served hot, fresh, and tasty. With breakfast, snacks, lunch, coffee, and even dinner at Happy Box, the Conference delivered lots of value in food savings alone.
  • Great venue - The hotel is brand new and stylish with very helpful and friendly staff. The on-site restaurant was excellent, with lots of space and good food, and you could converse with those around you. It is also within walking distance to Starbucks and other food and dining options.
  • Meet all your Ortus heroes and other leaders in the CFML space.
  • Take the opportunity to discuss your favorite libraries with the maintainer and get a personalized answer with no need for emojis to show intent!
  • HappyBox - A great dinner with live Mariachi Band, Sombreros, Props, good conversation, and more.

I loved the workshop on Vue.js SPAs and Quasar. Lots of information to go through in one day, but Gavin and Daniel managed to convey a clear approach to develop a multi-platform site using Quasar. Gavin and Daniel are a very generous with their knowledge and broke down the complexity of a Single Page Application into easy to follow steps with plenty of opportunity to learn and heaps of resources to dive deeper on our own time after the workshop. Thanks guys. Really gave me a good starting point to bring these amazing technologies into play in my business!

Jafeth "JR" Rodriguez CIO, JARO Sports

Recorded Sessions

Videos are all online on CFCasts for ITB Ticket Holders.

How to Access Videos

When you registered for ITB, you should have received an email with the subject “CFCasts - Access to Into the Box 2022 Gift” - you have to claim the gift for that to be added to your CFCasts account.

If you do not already have a CFCasts account, you will be given the opportunity to create one.

When can I access ITB 2022 videos as a CFCasts Subscriber

On December 24th, as an early Christmas Present, we will start releasing the Into the Box 2022 videos (pre-conference and regular conference) for all CFCasts Subscriptions holders to enjoy over the holidays. We will release them in a 12 days of Christmas style with videos grouped by category.

Into the Box 2022 Videos are exclusively available on CFCasts for Into the Box 2022 Conference and Virtual Ticket Holders Only before December 24th, 2022.

Keynote Announcements

New Module and Package Releases

Updated Modules and Packages

Ortus is Expanding

Ortus has expanded again, this time to Europe!

  • USA
    • Since 2006 - 16 years in business
    • Need more Ortusians
  • El Salvador
    • 3 years old now
    • 25+ Strong
    • CFML is getting noticed in LATAM
    • ITB LATAM in December
  • Europe - Málaga, Spain
    • Just started
    • Hiring Soon
    • ITB Europe may be on the cards soon


The awesome site, Abram Adam’s TRY ColdFusion, is now getting partnership support from Ortus Solutions.

Announced a roadmap

  • 2022 - Revamp TryCF
  • 2022 - TryCF Workspaces
  • 2023 - VS Code Extension
  • 2023/2024 - VS Code - In Browser

We are announcing a new initiative to help market the power and viability of CFML as a first-class programming language.

  • New site - Being Built RIGHT NOW!!!!
    • CFML Information
      • What is CFML?
      • Why use CFML?
      • Who is using CFML?
      • Case Studies
      • How to get started?
    • Learning Resources - Links to other great ways to learn CFML
    • On-Site Learning
      • Playground - Powered by TryCF
      • Tutorials - Multi-step tutorial solutions for more complex problems and solutions
      • Cookbook - Simple problem/solution Q&A style articles with links to resources for more in-depth information as needed.
      • CFML Koans - is a series of exercises to familiarize you with the CFML syntax… presented in a Test Driven Learning.
      • Documentation
  • New initiative
  • New CFML Logos
  • Cool new Zoom Backgrounds
  • Free CFML shirt for everyone at the Conference

TimeBox - Business Management Platform

CBDebugger HQ

  • Centralized Debugger
  • Desktop/Mobile Friendly
  • Register Many ColdBox apps
  • Deeper Insight

CBTasks HQ - Coming Soon

  • Centralized Scheduled Tasks
  • Connect Many ColdBox Apps
  • Pause/Play/Replay Tasks
  • Audit Logs
  • Insights
  • Performance

Recap Blog Posts

In addition to the official Ortus writeups, we’d like to spotlight some recap content from our attendees:

This course is a full-stack developer's dream come true.  I learned the essential building blocks of building a robust REST API back-end and a powerful modern SPA front-end powered by VueJS.
David Levin,
CEO Angry Sam Productions, Inc.

For more information on CF Summit and our CF Summit Workshop Training "ColdBox Zero to MegaHero : REST APIs + VueJS Mobile App" - click here

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