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v1.4.0 released!


We are very excited to bring you another release for our Redis Lucee Extension. This is a minor release and it sports quite a few updates, improvements and Lucee compatiblity updates.


The Redis Lucee Extension allows you to natively connect to a Redis Server cluster and leverage it for distributed caching, session/client storage and distribution, cluster RAM file systems, and much more. It can allow your Lucee servers to scale and extend easily by leveraging Redis Server as the platform of choice for session/cluster managements, caching and virtual file-systems.

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then our Lucee Extension can help you:

  • Want to use round-robin balancing instead of sticky sessions?
  • How do you deal with session/client information when you have more than 1 server in your cluster?
  • How can I scale my Lucee servers when I am running out of RAM?
  • Do you want your users to still be logged in even if a server in my cluster dies or is restarted?
  • Do you want to have a cluster-wide file system?
  • Are you using a container based deployment and need off heap peristence?
  • Do you want to be able to cache data in a distributed and elastic fashion?


We have been working with Redis Server for many years and it has been a true pleasure to not only build scalable farms with it, but also it is incredibly responsive when it comes down to key-value storage and caching transactions.

v1.4.0 Release Notes


  • [LRE-14] - Compat with Lucee 5.29+ due to a Lucee issue introduced that skips default values from the driver forms.

New Features

  • [LRE-13] - Add a log4j bridge to all sdk and local logs can be added


  • [LRE-12] - Throw runtime exceptions on connection issues so they are highly visible
  • [LRE-15] - Added all members of the RedisConnection class to be public/static so they can be inspected and reused
  • [LRE-16] - Added a getConnectionKeys() in the RedisConnection class to see which caches are configured and how they are configured
  • [LRE-17] - Added RuntTimeExceptions and IOExceptions whenever a Redis connection cannot be made to improve error management
  • [LRE-18] - Added more context when exceptions happen to the error messages to pinpoint failures
  • [LRE-19] - Converted all connection pool access to try's with resources for auto-closing and better code visibility
  • [LRE-20] - Coverted all valueList() and entryLIst() methods to leverage parallel streams for performance


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