We've released a very small patch release to CommandBox 5.0.0 which is 5.0.1 and has only 5 tickets.  Most all are related to tweaks for the new server start bash script functionality that we've been rolling into our Ortus CommandBox Docker images.

Release Notes

Here is an overview of what we changed.  Note Lucee is the latest stable release of Lucee, however Lucee never made any official announcements for that release.  There are further commits on the LUcee 5.3.4 branch taking it up to builds 85, but those are snapshot builds so we're not including them.



  • [COMMANDBOX-1106] - Include system packages in package uninstall autocomplete
  • [COMMANDBOX-1110] - Don't include --tray-icon and --tray-config in process args when --tray-enable is false
  • [COMMANDBOX-1112] - Allow a location for the runwar.jar to be specified on server start other than the default
  • [COMMANDBOX-1119] - Use exec in bash script

If you're upgrading from a 4.x version of CommandBox, please review our CommandBox 5.0.0 release announcement for links to docs and downloads.


And also review this post which covers all the new 5.x features in depth: