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Screencast - Using the FusionReactor Profiler to find slow code

Brad Wood
Dec 05, 2019


In this tutorial, Brad Wood shows how to use FusionReactor features such as the request Profiler to identify several bottlenecks of slow code in a ColdFusion app.

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CommandBox FusionReactor Module 4.0.0 Released

Brad Wood
Apr 18, 2019


We've released a new major version of our CommandBox FusionReactor module.  This module allows you to easily add FusionReactor to any server you start with no manual installation or fiddling with JVM args.

install commandbox-fusionreactor
fr register "myLicenseKey"
server start
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Screencast Intro to FusionReactor Cloud & Docker Swarm Demo

Brad Wood
Oct 27, 2017


We've made a new screencast that shows an introduction to FusionReactor Cloud, a new way to monitor any number of servers in a consolidated interface that can scale up and down with your infrastructure.  Not only do new servers automatically register and deregister themselves with the Cloud dashboard, but it supports a pay-for-what-you-use model that prevents you from locking into a specific number of licenses.  

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Getting Started With ProfileBox and Fusion Reactor

Brad Wood
Jun 23, 2014


We've just released a getting started video of ProfileBox for monitoring your ColdBox and ContentBox applications alongside FusionReactor.  ProfileBox is a drop-in module that sends tons of cool profiling and performance statistics directly to your FusionReactor console.  This video shows a brief overview, installation, and setup of the module.  


ProfileBox Getting Started from Luis Majano on Vimeo.

Visit our product page here to purchase ProfileBox!

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