We've made a new screencast that shows an introduction to FusionReactor Cloud, a new way to monitor any number of servers in a consolidated interface that can scale up and down with your infrastructure.  Not only do new servers automatically register and deregister themselves with the Cloud dashboard, but it supports a pay-for-what-you-use model that prevents you from locking into a specific number of licenses.  

This is a great fit for deployments like Docker Swarm where you can scale your service up and down from day to day.  In this demo, I'll show you how to add FusionReactor cloud easily into any CommandBox-based server and show how to deploy it to a Docker Swarm on our Ortus Docker image and then play around with it.

Here's some handy links for the different technologies covered:

FusionReactor Cloud

CommandBox FusionReactor module

Ortus CommandBox-based Docker Image

Portainer Docker Management GUI