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Dallas ColdBox Training in 16 Days + Magic Discount Code

Luis Majano |  October 29, 2009
Our ColdBox training is in 16 days and there are still seats available.  The early bird ended, but we have a rogue discount code for those that desperately seek discounts, just head on over to our registration page and use the code: LATEBIRDS and see what you can get, or use the form below and see what you can get? For more information about our event, head out to our
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CodexWiki by ColdBox & Transfer open beta

Luis Majano |  October 23, 2009

We have done a closed beta of Codex for quite some time now. However, we are now to the point of maturity to release an open 0.5 Beta1.  So head over to our new codexwiki site and start downloading it now.  This release comes thanks to ColdBox and Transfer by Mark Mandel.

P.S: It runs on Railo!!

Enjoy the screenshots below:

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Last Call Coldbox Training Amsterdam Oct 22nd

Luis Majano |  October 20, 2009

It’s only days before the Coldbox 101 Training and Workshop in Amsterdam this week.  The early bird pricing was extended indefinitely, and there’s still time to register for the class.  For more information check out the event details at Colbox 101 – Amsterdam @ eventbrite.

You can ...

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Coldbox Training Early Bird Extended

Luis Majano |  October 19, 2009

It is getting close to our Dallas ColdBox training and we still have seats available. The early bird has been extended until Wednesday October 21st at 11 PM Pacific, so hurry now before our promotion ends. For more information about our event, head out to our event page.


Core Co...

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ColdBox 3 Workshop With CF9 ORM Online

Luis Majano |  October 16, 2009

We did a hands on workshop at our Inland Empire User group yesterday in Pomona, California.  We had fun installing CF9, Adobe CF Builder and ColdBox 3 Beta.  We managed to build a simple task manager with all the new nice ORM features and coldbox 3.0.0 features.  So if you are interested in seeing the workshop online, here is the recording: 

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Some ColdFusion Development Best Practices

Luis Majano |  October 05, 2009

We always are trying to help the ColdFusion community as much as we can.  We had a CFC best practices document in our ColdBox documentation site in order to steer developers in the right direction when building components.  I have updated the document to now include more topics than just CFCs.  So if you are interested in collaborating to this document or think some points are useless, please comment and we can make this document better.

So here are our ColdFusion Development Best Pra...

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ColdBox Eclipse Plugins Online!

Luis Majano |  October 04, 2009
I just uploaded the ColdBox Eclipse Documentation plugins online for sharing with the community.  You can find all the SVN access information in our SVN access page and below.  This way, the community can contribute to our simple eclipse plugins.

ColdBox Eclipse Plugins

The eclipse plugins contains three folder repositories:

  • org.coldbox.apidocs
  • org.cold...
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ColdBox Workshop at the IECFUG

Luis Majano |  October 03, 2009
This is just an announcement that I will be running a ColdBox Workshop on October 15th at our CFUG meeting in Cal Poly Pomona.  Here is a brief description:

Come and kick start your ColdBox development with this introductory
workshop. We will cover the basics of ColdBox 3.0.0 and how to develop
sustainable ColdFusion applications.

So head on over to the iecfug website to ...
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ColdBox Case Studies

Luis Majano |  September 25, 2009
I have been recollecting some case studies of companies that have succesfully adopted the ColdBox Platform in their organizations.  If you or your organization are interested in filling out a case study questionnaire, please download it from here and send it to  We are creating a special section of the website to cater to case studies and whitepapers, so if y...
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ColdBox Open Source Project of the Year!

Luis Majano |  August 17, 2009

I got word today after leaving CFUnited to come back to California that ColdBox was announced as The Open Source Project of the Year by the Community Achievement Awards!  I am super excited and happy about this award and you can see the recording here:

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