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ColdBox and ColdFusion 8 Interesting bug.

Luis Majano
Dec 01, 2007


I have found an interesting bug on ColdFusion 8 and the multi-threaded capabilities of ColdBox. This is only to specific coldbox installation setups: 1) Virtual Folder in IIS 2) Apache Alias If you use an alias or a virtual folder for installing coldbox, you will run into errors that the spawned threads will not be able to actually find the instantiation paths. Example: coldbox.system.beans.requestContext It seems that the coldfusion 8 spawned thread cannot find or use the virtual aliases or apache aliases. So if I cannot find a solution, which seems like I won't be able to. Then I will remove the installation type of aliases and virtual directories for colfusion 8 and bluedragon 7. It seems that the installation procedures will have to remain as physical folders or coldfusion mappings only. Please test this and let me know your results.
ColdBox MVC 2

Upgrading to 2.5.0 Important Notes!

Luis Majano
Nov 11, 2007


If you are upgrading to 2.5.0 RC 1 from previous versions, please make sure that you use the updated Application.cfc and index.cfm files in the Application Template folder. Application.cfc support has changed a lot of how the framework boots up and it has gotten more solid as the release approaches. However, changes have been made since the first beta of 2.5 and will solidify until the release. So if you are upgrading, please make sure you upgrade your Application.cfc and index.cfm file templates. 2.5 supports Application.cfm still, however, you must use the index.cfm template to include the /coldbox/system/coldbox.cfm file. AGAIN, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE TO USE THE INCLUDED APPLICATION.CFC AND INDEX.CFM
ColdBox MVC 0