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Luis Majano May 14, 2013

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Luis Majano

May 14, 2013

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We are so proud to announce another major milestone in our software, v1.5.2.  This release has definitely been a world collaboration event as we joined forces to completely update the Administrator UI and fix over 50 different tickets.  So big thanks go to Curt Gratz, Seth Engen, Brad Woord, Richard Mckenna, Joel Watson, Andrew Scott, etc.  You can find all about the release in our release notes in our Jira repository.  Another major update of this release is that now you can download ContentBox in 3 flavors:

  • ContentBox Source: To deploy in any CFML engine (Adobe or Railo)
  • ContentBox WAR: To deploy in any J2EE engine
  • ContentBox Express: To deploy in any machine

Let's discuss some of the major new features of this release or you can see all of our release notes as well.

New Admin UI

Our entire administrator has been revamped to use Bootstrap and more modern JS libraries. We have even included our ColdBox JSMin plugin to offer compression, asset management and even LESS support for our admin and ANY layout.  So layout developers can now offer core compression and LESS support. We have added over 50 UI enhancements to navigation, layouts, and small tweaks to make your ContentBox usage work easier.

Responsive Admin UI

With our move to our new admin UI based on Bootstrap we have done several improvements for responsiveness in mobile devices.  So you can use your iPad, iPhone or Android device to manage your content.

Export Capabilities

We have added export capabilities for any content object in JSON or XML. Importing is coming next.

Updated Geek Panel

Geek panel has been revamped to make it easier for developers to work with settings and also the ability to see all the events that ContentBox announces and who is listening.  A great asset for development.

Quick Search Page/Blog Linking

All page/entry linking now includes global search to help you find the page you want with ease!

J2EE WAR Support

ContentBox core has been now updated to support J2EE deployments via our new ContentBox WAR download.  This will allow you to run ContentBox Modular CMS in any J2EE server.

Media Providers

We have improved our media manager and delivery mechanisms to now allow you to build providers for delivering media.  You can now put your media root outside the server or even in Amazon S3 or whatever mechanism you want.  You can choose from the settings what provider you will use and then all media will be delivered by that protocol.  We can even add caching headers for file delivery.  Need secure downloads? No problem, we have even added events to media delivery so you can intercept and challenge the request for credentials or access.

Media Manager Drag/Drop File Uploading