Gavin Pickin

December 13, 2022

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It's that time of year again. Trees are lit, presents are being wrapped, and relatives are coming to visit. That's right, it's time again for the 12 days of Christmas-- 2022 ITB Video Release Edition! 

Today, Day 4's Videos from Into the Box 2022 Conference, 3 sessions related to ColdBox modules and Features. CBValidation, CBFuture and ColdBox Task Scheduling.

For the next 12 business days up until Christmas, we'll be releasing a series of related videos each day on the CFCasts site for our Paid and Unpaid CFCasts Subscribers, and a announcement with titles, descriptions, and links to the videos, right here on the Ortus blog. Consider it our early Christmas gift to you.

We were planning on releasing the videos on Dec 24th, but we couldn't wait any longer.

Todays Videos

3 sessions related to ColdBox modules and Features. CBValidation, CBFuture and ColdBox Task Scheduling.

Javier Quintero - cbValidation Validate all things - Free

Learn alongside Javier Quintero, how to validate all things! Validations are fundamental when building APIs and web apps. Most of the time we skip validations and we open the door for bugs and issues in the app. Luckily, ColdBox has made this process simpler so we can prevent these issues from happening. With the cbValidation module, you can validate all incoming request data or populated objects. You can use the existing validators or create your own custom validators so you can validate everything the way you want.

Luis Majano - To the future with cbFutures

In this session, we will explore the asynchronous and parallel programming constructs built into ColdBox 6. Java has supported a robust and functional approach to asynchronous programming since JDK8 and now it is available to us all in the Coldfusion (CFML) World! To the future!

Brad Wood - ColdBox Task Scheduling Demystified

ColdBox Task Scheduling Demystified

The ColdBox Scheduled Tasks offers a fresh, programmatic and human approach to scheduling tasks on your server and multi-server application.

Scheduled tasks have always been a point of soreness for many developers in ANY language. Especially choosing where to place them for execution: should it be cron? windows task scheduler? ColdFusion engine? Jenkins, Gitlab? and the list goes on and on.

Check out the ITB Recap here

All the video will be added to this Series

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