Eric Peterson

March 09, 2018

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ForgeBox v3.0.0 Has Landed

We have some exiting ForgeBox news for you today. ForgeBox v3.0.0 has landed!

ForgeBox Storage

Our headline feature is that ForgeBox Storage is here!

You can now take advantage of our secure ForgeBox Storage to host your packages, public and private alike. ForgeBox Storage is perfect for private packages. Keep your code out of public source control and avoid messing with SSH keys just to download packages from private Git repos. ForgeBox Storage is safe and secure. And if you publish a private package, you can rest assured that only you have access to it.

To start using it, set the location in your box.json to forgeboxStorage. When you publish a version with CommandBox your code will be zipped up and sent to our ForgeBox Storage. And when you install a package hosted on ForgeBox Storage it works quick and seamlessly.

Geodistribution is also coming in the next release. Our ForgeBox storage is replicated for the Americas and Europe. So if you are in Europe you will be downloading from our European mirrors instead. This is coming, so stay tuned.

Please note that ForgeBox Storage is a Free service for now until our Pro subscriptions arrive in the coming months. Enjoy! as a Lucee Extension Provider

You know what else goes great with ForgeBox Storage? Using ForgeBox as a Lucee Extension provider! will now be able to act as a Lucee Extension Provider to give the CFML community a central and easily accessible repository to share Lucee Extensions. You don't need to host your provider or have a separate publishing workflow. Just use your existing ForgeBox account to publish packages of type Lucee Extension and anyone will be able to install them by adding into their Lucee administrator as an extension provider.

ForgeBox Storage (as well as ForgeBox Private Packages) are part of our upcoming ForgeBox Pro membership. Use it for free now for a limited time!

Private Package Slug Change

Speaking of private packages, there's been a slight change to the slug format for private packages to enable us to keep delivering new features. Private packages used to be in the format @username/slug. Going forward private packages will use the format slug@username. CommandBox and ForgeBox will help you enforce this. No changes have been made to public packages.

If you are interested in all the bugs squashed and enhancements made this release, you can check them out here.

Other Updates

We have also closed several bugs and made tons of UI updates. Here are some of the tickets we closed for this release:

  • Improved search results and ability to share search URLs
  • New markdown engine with table support
  • Better server slug usage
  • FireFox updates
  • Improved package counts
  • Improved performance for API calls
  • Tons of UI updates

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