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January 19, 2011

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We are proud to announce another addition to the ColdBox Training Series: CBOX203: ColdBox Modules.  This is our first course in our advanced series that will take your development to the next level.  Below you can review the course syllabus and you can also register for our March trainings!

Course Overview

CBOX-203 is one of our advanced courses dealing with ColdBox Modules, Architecture and Modularization spread in 2 intense training days. In this course you will learn all about modular architecture, planning and the power behind ColdBox Modules. You will have both theory and hands on workshops that will sharpen your skills and challenge you.

Unit 1

  • Course Introduction
  • Modules Introduction
    • Concepts
    • Architecture
    • Software Design
    • Capabilities
  • ColdBox Module Service
    • ColdBox Architecture
    • Module Life Cycle
    • Open API
    • Extensibility
  • Parent Application Configuration
    • Configuration
    • Conventions
    • External Locations
    • URL Mappings

Unit 2

  • Module Configuration
    • Locations
    • Callback Interceptors
    • Custom URL Mappings
    • Settings
    • WireBox Injectors
  • Module Conventions
  • Module Events
    • Handler registrations
    • Execution syntax
    • Application enhancements
    • Integration testing

Unit 3

  • Module Renderings
    • Rendering engine overview
    • Layout overrides
    • Common layouts
    • View overrides
    • Common views
    • A-la-carte rending
  • Module Plugins

Unit 4

  • Module Models
    • Architecture
    • WireBox integration
    • Package scannning
    • Unit testing
  • Module Caching
  • Module Logging

Unit 5

  • Free workshops
Here is how to register for our next trainings:

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