Luis Majano

March 04, 2019

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Modernize all things!

FORGEBOX v4.x has landed with new community and enterprise editions!

We are so excited to bring one of the biggest releases for FORGEBOX in over a year. We have been working and learning from all the community feedback and have major news to share with the ColdFusion (CFML) world. The full release notes of this major version can be found at the end of the blog post, so read on for all the details of this release. Below we will discuss the major areas of improvement for FORGEBOX ## New UI

The entire UI has been redesigned and updated and we are not even done yet. More is coming for the entire UI/UX experience of FORGEBOX including the CommandBox integrations.

FREE Storage For All Public Packages!

I am very excited to announce that we are now capable to support FREE storage for ANY public/open source package. No longer do you need to provide a location outside of FORGEBOX, you can now just use package set location="forgeboxStorage" and your package will be stored in our geo-distributed storage. We believe in our community and this should motivate and foment the CFML community even further so we can become a community that shares and grows together. > Private Package storage and collaborators will remain free until our Pro subscription edition releases this Summer.

Multi-Region Artifacts

We have made advances in our S3 and Digital Ocean SDKs so we can offer the ability for PRO and ENTERPRISE accounts the ability to CDN their artifacts in multiple-regions


This is a major milestone for us where we can now offer an enterprise caliber version of FORGEBOX to organizations that want privacy, security, elasticity, enterprise support and mentorship. Check out our ENTERPRISE page for further information, but here are a few of the capabilities of FORGEBOX ENTERPRISE.

  • Private software registry to manage and shared code packages (engines, projects, demos, modules, etc. ) across your organization.
  • Public or Private packages
  • Internal collaborators and access controls
  • Custom named integration with CommandBox CLI.
  • Fine grained User Access Control, Roles and Permissions.
  • Package type management
  • Scalable Artifact Storage
  • Up to 250GB of storage included
  • SSL Included
  • Software firewall included
  • Artifact CDN Included
  • Enterprise Support, SLAs and mentorship
  • Containerized Environment with redundancy and scalability
  • Package Security Audits (**Coming Soon)
  • Package white and black lists (**Coming Soon)
  • Two-factor authentication (**Coming Soon)
  • Single Sign On (**Coming Soon)

Other Updates

Here are some of the other updates to FORGEBOX - Improved search capabilities - S3 SDK region supports - S3 SDK Digital Ocean support - Fine grained control of access tokens and Authorization header support - Better SEO for public pages - ColdBox 5 integrations and updates - Improvement of artifact storage - Improvements and stability for private packages - Lots of validation improvements from UI forms - Collaboration invitations updated to support SSL - Improved distributed caching and invalidations via Couchbase cluster - Slug search for private packages - All JSON API is now powered by the Mementifier module

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