Luis Majano

June 29, 2011

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I am so excited to announce a pre-conference training before RIACON this August 3rd, 4th and 5th in Washington, D.C vicinity.  RIACON promises to be an incredible conference and if you have not purchased your tickets, then you should now!  3 days before the conference we will be holding a 3 day intensive CBOX-101 course.  Core ColdBox is our 3-day flagship intensive training course that will get you started with ColdBox even if you have no previous OO experience. The course is constructed in such a manner that both gurus and novices can take advantage of our materials. Objectives The Core ColdBox course not only focuses on explaining what ColdBox is and its bounty of features, but also on fundamental web application architectural concepts. It is important to know how to use certain parts of the platform, but it is even more important to know when to use them. This course will enhance your application toolbox and architectural skills.
  • Solid understanding of the MVC design pattern as applied to ColdFusion web development
  • A solid understanding on enterprise web application architecture
  • A thorough understanding of how to build sustainable MVC applications using the ColdBox Platform
  • Advanced knowledge on ColdBox plugins, Interceptors, Unit/Integration Testing, URL Mappings, and Dependency Injection
  • Understand key development best practices that will enable you to develop higher quality code
Also remember that RIACON attendees get a cool discount:

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