Luis Majano

June 18, 2013

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We are so proud to announce another update to our Adobe ColdFusion Builder exension: ColdBox Platform Utilities v3.0.  This update has tons of cool updates and fixes:

Bugs Squashed


  • [CBOXUTILITIES-23] - No longer generate rc = event.getCollection() on unecessary implicit actions as they are passed now
  • [CBOXUTILITIES-25] - Update SES rewrite rules
  • [CBOXUTILITIES-27] - Update scaffolding templates with better HTML and bootstrap goodness

New Features

  • [CBOXUTILITIES-22] - Update all application templates to latest upcoming ColdBox LITE and ColdBox Platform releases

So either download the extension and install it or if you have it installed, just click "ColdBox Platform > Check For Extension Updates..." and perform our sweet auto update!

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