Luis Majano

August 21, 2020

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We are tremendously excited to finally bring you the final release for the ColdBox Plaform including all of it's standalone libraries: WireBox, CacheBox and LogBox. This has been a year long process in order to bring you one of our biggest and most stable releases to date. We continue to innovate in this release and pushing the boundaries of our ColdFusion/CFML/Java languages. All the docs and application templates have been updated and we are working on a What's New With ColdBox 6 cfcasts series that will be coming next week. Welcome to ModernLand!

In the next couple of weeks we will be blogging and adding videos to show case the major features of this release.


You can easily install this version by using the following CommandBox install string:

install coldbox
install wirebox
install cachebox
install logbox

Upgrading is also as simple as a command:

update coldbox
update wirebox
update cachebox
update logbox

Application Templates

All application templates have been updated for ColdBox 6.

coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-advanced-script
coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-elixir
coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-elixir-vuejs
coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-rest
coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-rest-hmvc
coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-simple
coldbox create app skeleton=cbtemplate-supersimple

Bug Reporting & Collaboration

If you do find any bugs with this release or just want to collaborate with more ideas for this release, please make sure you head out to our Jira instance at:

You can also contact us at the following Slack locations:

Compatibility Guide

We have a compatibility and upgrade guide you can use to update your pre 6 apps in less than 30 minutes:

What's New!

There are over 100 tickets closed for this release and everything has been documented as well. You can head over to our What's New doc to check everything out:

Enjoy and Welcome to ModernLand!

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