ContentBox 3 is a big step forward for us, as we have discussed during our month long roadshow... and in todays technological state, we can't talk too much without mention Mobile apps. This Friday, July 22nd 2016, at 11 Central, Scott Steinbeck will be leading a webinar on ContentBox + Mobile, to give you an overview of how he designed the Into the Box app for our conference in St Paul MN in June, written with Ionic and ContentBox.

View the recording of this free webinar.

Want to build a mobile app but you are not sure where to get started? Since your site is already built on ContentBox, or will be soon, lets make all of your mobile customers happy by building a mobile app they can use to browse your site.

We will be using ContentBox to store some pages in our content store, from there we will build out a simple api to access our site and pull pages into our app.

Scott has developed several apps, and have a wealth of knowledge of the best practices, and the not so best practices. With experience with different hybrid tools, he'll explain why he uses Ionic, and then how ContentBox can power your web or mobile app. 

Join Scott on Friday, July 22nd at 9am PST, 11am Central to see all of this, ask questions, and more.

View the recording of this free webinar.