Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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I am super excited to be able to be part of CF.Objective this year. I attended last year and it was an incredible conference. If you have not registered for it, please do. Now, I need your input on what exactly to show on the hands on session. Below is my outline of what I would like to show. However, if you have a specific idea on the topics below, please comment.


ColdBox interceptors increase functionality for applications and framework alike, without touching the core functionality of your application. This pattern wraps itself around a request in specific execution points in which it can process, pre-process, post-process and redirect requests. These interceptors can also be stacked to form interceptor chains that can be executed implicitly. You can also create your own execution points and implement an observer-observable pattern in your applications. You can then announce interceptions from anywhere from withing your ColdBox Application.

Request Context Decorator

ColdBox uses a request collection data structure where all variables can be stored and shared among a user's execution request. The object containing the request collection is the request context object. This object contains several methods to help you get values, set values, set views, layouts, get the current event, and much more. If you need to go above and beyond what the framework provides, you can decorate the object with extra functionality you might need by using the request context decorator.


ColdBox comes with a dynamic cache solution that will help you increase your application's speed and persistence. We will cover how to use caching for data, objects, views and even event caching. How to tweak the cache for optimal performance, its eviction policies, interception points, its best practices and its caveats.

ColdBox Proxy

Need to create multiple interfaces for your applications HTML/FLEX/AIR? Need to monitor your applications? Need to create a flex event-driven model? Then the ColdBox Proxy is the feature for you! The ColdBox proxy let's developers create remote and web applications sharing IoC Frameworks, ORMS, common security, logging, state management facilities, and much more.

Custom Plugins

Learn how to easily create your own plugins for re-usable operations, UI elements and much more.

Core Plugins

Discover the ColdBox plugins and see how they can help you build your applications faster, configure software aspects and much more.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks on the internals of ColdBox, things you might never know about!! So go ahead and leave me your comments on specifics of what you would like to see according to the sections above or any other sections you might suggest.

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Jan 15, 2008 02:50:37 UTC

by Matt Quackenbush

Man, I cannot wait! Every topic is an awesome topic to cover; which one(s) get more time vs. less time? I dunno. Maybe you can do a 6-hour hands-on workshop? :-)

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