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CFCouchbase SDK

The CFCouchbase SDK is a CFML library for interacting with Couchbase NoSQL Server

CFCouchbase SDK

The CFCouchbase is a CFML library for interacting with Couchbase NoSQL Server. It can be used by any CFML application or CFML framework to provide them with NoSQL, distributed caching, dynamic queries and many more capabilities.

The CFCouchbase SDK wraps the Couchbase Java SDK and enhances it to provide with a nice dynamic language syntax and usability.

                        // Create the client
                        defaultClient = new cfcouchbase.CouchbaseClient();
                        // Create a document in the cluster
                        defaultClient.set( id='brad', value={ name: 'Brad', age: 33, hair: 'red' } );
                        // Retrieve that doc
                        person = defaultClient.get( id='brad' );
                        // Use the document
                        writeOutput( ' is #person.age# years old and has hair.<p>' );
                        // Create another client that connects to the beer-sample bucket
                        beerClient  = new cfcouchbase.CouchbaseClient( {bucketName='beer-sample'} );
                        // Execute a query and return the top 10 results
                        results = beerClient.query( 
                              options={ includeDocs=true, limit=10 } );
                        // Iterate and present results
                        for( result in results ) {
                            writeOutput( & '<br>');
                        // Shutdown the clients


Here are some of the major features of the CFCouchbase SDK and Couchbase Server:

  • Lightweight, standalone library can be used with any CFML application or CFML framework
  • Automatic CFML to Java serialization
  • Automatic and Native CFC serializations and deserializations
  • High performance
  • Asynchronous calls
  • Auto-sharding of documents evenly across cluster
  • 24/7 uptime via on-the-fly node removal and rebalance operations
  • Easily configurable
  • Fully-featured API includes view management and execution
  • Built on the official Java SDK, but customized to take advantage of CFML
  • Optimistic concurrency control (Documents are not locked by default for maximum throughput)
  • Conflict management via Compare And Swap (CAS) mechanism
  • Full cluster and document stats available
  • Provides direct access to underlying Java SDK for advanced usage
  • Ability to create as many Couchbase clients as necessary

Professional Support

We have been working with Couchbase NoSQL Server for a number of years now and we love setting up clusters and planning your distributed caching and NoSQL strategies with a focus on CFML. We have built several solutions on top of Couchbase as well to help with session distribution, ORM secondary cache, ColdBox data, event and view caching, NoSQL interaction, NoSQL view querying and much more. If you need distributed caching, session management or NoSQL integrations, then we are here to help.

Product Type Action
CFCouchbase SDK

Our very own open source CFML SDK to interact with Couchbase NoSQL server.

Open Source Download
CacheBox Couchbase Provider

Leverage our open source CacheBox provider to connect to Couchbase server for real-time distributed caching.

Open Source Download
CFML Couchbase ORM Secondary Cache

Learn how to leverage Couchbase as CFML ORM's secondary cache via Hibernate.

Open Source Instructions
Lucee Couchbase Native Extension

Ortus Couchbase Extension is a Lucee Extension that allows your CFML server to connect to a Couchbase cluster and leverage it for built-in caching, session storage, and NoSQL document storage.

Commercial Purchase
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Got Questions?

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