We find beauty in the ordinary, and that was what some of our team members in El Salvador were tasked with, finding the beauty in everyday life. Our photography contest featured breathtaking images that took our breath away to say the least. 

The team ventured out and captured images in an internal contest. Given their amazing response, we decided to share the winners with you all:


1st Place Alfredo Rivera - Photography Editor - Sweetme Project

My Reason Why - This is my grandmother, Gloria. I call her Mami Glou and she’s like a mother to me.  She raised me and taught me to believe in myself. At  83 years old, she wakes up every morning during quarantine to cook us breakfast, just to have a moment with me before I go to work. She is the most special, caring and loving person I have ever met and she's the reason why I am who I am. 





2nd Place: Jefferson Peña - Photography Editor - Sweetme Project

Working Hands - The hard working life of a farmer: a day full of sun and hurdles but at the end of it all, there is a tangible result of his effort. Because of him, many social stratas worldwide will have something to eat.





Honorary Mention: Jefferson Peña - Sweetme Project

Sad Childhood - The eyes of this 9-year-old girl reflects a life full of intrafamily issues such as poverty and lack of education. At a young age, we can see how her childhood was cut short by an environment full of difficulties. A childhood should be the happiest time for every human being.





Honorary Mention: Sonia Menendez - Lead Designer SV Team

Small Details- I was amazed by how tiny this flower was, it fit in my fingertips! I was struggling to find the perfect backdrop and luckily I found a table and placed it there. The contrast made it pop up. This is my favorite picture, it reminds me that if you pay attention to the small details, you'll surely be amazed! 




Honorary Mention: Alfredo Rivera - Sweetme Project

By the Power of Light There is always darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights. When I read this sentence, I was in a very difficult moment of my life, I'd just lost my father and I didn't know what to study. One night my mother told me: "No matter what I'll be with you."
She has always been the light in my life, and one night I took this photo with the technique I like most in photography (long expo).
It's about taking photos in complete darkness with only one light.



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