Gavin Pickin

May 20, 2022

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We were busy this week, we released a lot of content for you... on the podcast, cfcasts, youtube, and our blog as well as a couple of special podcast appearances for Brad Wood and Luis Majano on the Wicked Good Development Podcast while they were at DevNexus. Here's the summary in bite size pieces.

Wicked Good Development Podcast

  • Podcast - Wicked Good Development - Developer and Open Source Contributor Stories at Devnexus Part 2 - Brad Wood Brad Wood, Software Architect at Ortus Solutions says “everybody should be secure” when it comes to open source security. Hear Brad’s distinctive perspective after occupying roles of both an open source maintainer and contributor. From the advantages of using ColdFusion to the effects of trust in development like abandonware and namespace confusion attacks, Brad covers it all with Wicked Good Development at DevNexus 2022.

  • Podcast - Wicked Good Development - Developer and Open Source Contributor Stories at Dev Nexus - Part 3 - Luis Majano his episode is three fold as we finish up the roundtable discussion on Devnexus 2022 and we get a chance to interview two more developers who contribute to the open source community. We connect with Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions and long-time computer engineer, about putting in the open source work. From using a 70/30 ratio to dedicate time building open source in between client work to getting the next generation involved in maintaining minor code fixes first-hand, hear how the level of work put in makes the difference in professional open source.




Ortus Solutions Blog

Software Craftsmanship - Why should I use 3rd party libraries vs Roll my own? There is always a trade-off between using a 3rd party library and rolling your version in software development. I often hear many of these points in discussions, but I wonder how many people know and consider them, so I wanted to share my pros and cons.

Into the Box - Updates as of May 16th, 2022 Into the Box is sneaking up closer and closer. With so many announcements, we can't post them all to the Ortus Solutions blog, so we're going to just give you updates when we can. To read all of our blog posts from ITB, visit the site or subscribe to RSS This week we're going to be announcing the first set of Sessions, some of the Speakers, and some more sponsors. Last week was a big week for Into the Box too, check out the highlights

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May 20, 2022 20:22:03 UTC

by Anthony Ehrhardt

Great stuff

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Gavin Pickin
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