Gavin Pickin

July 15, 2022

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It's July 15th... what has Ortus been publishing this week? We have the CFML News Podcast, some CFCasts and YouTube Videos, lots of Ortus and ITB Blog Posts. We have a lot more planned for next week as well.




Ortus Solutions Blog

July 2022 Webinar - Legacy Migration Follow Up: Using Coldbox with an Existing Code Base with Dan Card

On July 29th at 11:00 AM CDT, we are happy to announce the Dan Card will be presenting a follow up to his June webinar: Getting started with the Legacy Migration. Dan received some good questions, so July's Webinar: Legacy Migration Follow Up: Using Coldbox with an Existing Code Base with Dan Card. If you have a more traditional / legacy codebase, and are wanting to modernize with ColdBox, but don't know where to start, this webinar is just for you!

Live Stream Series - Koding with the Kiwi + Friends - Next stream July 15th 2022

In this next session, Gavin will be joined by Wil De Bruin. Wil De Bruin works a lot with CBValidation, contributed to the project, blogged a lot, and even presented at Into the Box in the past. They will discuss a lot of validation approaches, how and where to describe constraints, using validate() vs validateOrFail(), custom validators, and so much more. Join them as they validate the API Endpoints for Developer Feud Quiz API.

Recap: Online ColdFusion Meetup July 7th - "Planning and Building my Developer Feud Quiz API" with Gavin Pickin

Gavin appeared on the Online ColdFusion Meetup July 7th. The session the start of an Building an API Series, the recording and slides are now available.

Integrating ColdBox with Existing Code Series - 1 - ColdBox Tour

Recently I did a webinar on Refactoring Legacy Code and the question came up about whether or not it was possible to use Coldbox with existing code without converting everything to a Coldbox module or making changes to the existing codebase. The answer is yes and there are many ways to do it. The method you choose depends on what the goals are for the conversion. Do you need to simply keep the exact same site but start moving toward Coldbox routes? Are you putting a new look to existing functionality but need to keep an existing site up and running in the meantime? Both these and several other scenarios are possible. We’ll take this blog series to walk through some of them.

ITB 2022 schedule fully released on ITB website!

We have exciting news! You can now take a look at the full official ITB 2022 schedule featured on our website

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