Gavin Pickin

April 27, 2022

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Ortus Solutions is happy to announce we have new finalized dates for Into the Box 2022 and the venue. Into the Box 2022 will be hosted in Houston Texas, Tuesday September 6th through Thursday September 8th, 2022. The conference will be at a new venue, the Houston CityPlace Marriott at Springwoods Village.

Why did we change the dates? Ortus Solutions decided to change the dates for you, the community!

Ortus Solutions is a company that at the end of the day, wants what is best for the ColdFusion community. Ortus Solutions provides content, tools, trainings, conferences, support and development, but we all thrive when the ColdFusion community thrives, and that means more events, bigger events, more opportunities for speakers and attendees, so moving our conference was the smart move, for everyone.

Why did we change dates? Long story short - because CF Summit looked to be the week after Into the Box 2022 was originally scheduled for.

Adobe semi officially announced their dates (still un-official at the time of writing this post) and they were close, back to back weeks at the end of September/October. We felt like the ColdFusion community deserves more in person conferences. ColdFusion Community members need the opportunity to speak and or attend more in person coldfusion conferences. If we left the conferences back to back with only a travel day/weekend in between, it would have been hard going on impossible for many, if not most coldfusion community members to attend both.

By changing the dates, it might still be hard or impossible for a lot of speakers, sponsors, and community members, but now those percentages have increased, and both conferences will be more successful, and that will help the community be more successful. At the end of the day, we all win if ColdFusion wins.

With the date change, of course it makes it easier for Ortus Solutions to attend and support both conferences which we do every year. It makes it easier for Ortus Solutions’ customers to adjust to reduced Ortus support during one week of Into the Box, then 1 month, and then another week for CF Summit. It does make it easier on all of our partners and families if we are only gone for a week at a time, and not two weeks.

In the end, Ortus could have made it those dates work, but changing was best for everyone, and we can’t wait to see as many of you as possible at Into the Box in September in Houston Texas, and CF Summit in October in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hope to see lots of familiar faces, and new faces too, whether that is in Houston or Las Vegas!

Early Bird Special still available up until May 30th

Call for Speakers has been extended until April 30th

Since we had to make changes to the schedule, we wanted to make sure every community member had the opportunity to submit their proposal.

Conference Details

The 2 day conference will be held Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th of September, with an optional 1 day of workshops on Tuesday September the 6th. We will be offering several workshops to pick from. Tickets are available for Conference Only or Conference + Workshop

  • Workshops list coming soon
  • Call for Speakers extended until April 30th, Schedule will be released early May


The venue is a newer hotel in the area, with lots of modern features and comforts, onsite amenities including a great restaurant SwitcHouse, and is nearby other dining options. The workshop and conference areas are top quality, and will allow us to grow ITB even bigger than it has been before.

*Our hotel in Spring TX offers everything you need to travel brilliantly. Recharge in our pet friendly accommodations with plush bedding, Keurig coffee makers, and ergonomic workspaces. Savor meals and drinks at SwitcHouse Plates & Pours, our onsite restaurant and bar offering Texas cuisine and craft drinks in a rustic setting. You can also try local restaurants nearby like Corkscrew BBQ, Jinya Ramen Bar, and Tarka Indian Kitchen. Maintain your active lifestyle at our outdoor pool and 24-hour fitness center. During your stay, enjoy easy access to The Woodlands, Hughes Landing, Market Street, and more nearby.

~ From the Marriott website*

  • We will release group discount codes for the hotel once they become available

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