I am officially announcing a new Team Member to our ColdBox Team: Brad Wood.  Brad has been working with us for quite a while now and is an absolute detailed developer.  He has helped in core development in several areas from caching, WireBox, renderings and so much more.  He is also incredibly helpful in the forums and a very smart cookie.  It is really a pleasure to work with him, so thanks Brad for dedicated so much of your time to this community project.  Welcome aboard!

Brad Wood - http://www.codersrevolution.com
Brad has been programming ColdFusion for 11 years starting in the days of 4.5.  He has a degree in Computer Science and currently work as an application programmer/architect in the Kansas City area on a ColdBox driven website.  He contributes code and support to the ColdBox platform, blog when he cans, and actively participate in the local CF user group. (KCDEVCORE)  He enjoys hanging out with his two little girls, making music, the outdoors, working on  cars/motorcycles and making code run faster!