Luis Majano

June 06, 2009

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We are kicking off our ColdBox Alliance Program with the company Computer Know How.

Computer Know How was founded in 1997 as a resale and consulting firm. At Computer Know How, we understand that technology is changing faster than most of us are able to keep up with. That is why we have a team of system analysts, programmers, network engineers, and web designers ready to assist you with handling major technical projects on time and on budget, or to simply answer your questions.
So what is the ColdBox Alliance Program? The Alliance program is a network of professional companies that are ColdBox experts and can offer support, development and other professional services on the ColdBox Platform.  They also have a tight relationship with us (the authors of ColdBox), so they get a unique insight into the development and capabilities of the platform that nobody gets.  So it is our privilege that Computer Know How was decided to become our very first Alliance Partner.  Here is their bio and description page.

Welcome to our Alliance, Computer Know How!!

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Jun 12, 2009 10:46:31 UTC

by Jewel

This ColdBox Alliance Program is new to me. Thanks for sharing your post. Now I know that there is a network of professional companies which can offer the best services such as this.

Jun 12, 2009 12:46:29 UTC

by LUis Majano

Hi Jewel, We just started this program. It is brand new. So if other companies are interested in becoming part of the alliance, they will need to contact us at

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