Mementifier v2.x Released!

Luis Majano February 13, 2020

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Luis Majano

February 13, 2020

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We are so excited to bring a major version release of our Mementifier Module. For those of you who do not know what Mementifier is, here is a small synopsis.

What is Mementifier?

This module will transform your business objects into native ColdFusion (CFML) data structures with :rocket speed. It will inject itself into ORM objects and/or business objects alike and give them a nice getMemento() function to transform their properties and relationships (state) into a consumable structure or array of structures. It can even detect ORM entities and you don't even have to write the default includes manually, it will auto-detect all properties. No more building transformations by hand! No more inconsistencies! No more repeating yourself! Best of all, it is lightning fast!

Defining Mementos

this.memento = {
	// An array of the properties/relationships to include by default
	defaultIncludes = [
		// Relationships
	// An array of properties/relationships to exclude by default
	defaultExcludes = [],
	// An array of properties/relationships to NEVER include
	neverInclude = [ "password" ],
	// A struct of defaults for properties/relationships if they are null
	defaults = {
		"role" : {},
		"office" : {}
	// A struct of mapping functions for properties/relationships that can transform them
	mappers = {}

Getting Mementos

struct function getMemento(
	struct mappers={},
	struct defaults={},
	boolean ignoreDefaults=false

Release Notes

Here are the release notes for this major release:


  • Enabled wildcard default includes (*) to retrieve inherited object properties instead of doing wacky things for inherited defaults to work.
  • New setting to chose a default value to expose when getters return null: nullDefaultValue
  • ORM Auto includes now ONLY includes properties to avoid bi-directional recursive exceptions. This is also a compatiblity, where before EVERYTHING was included. Now, only properties are included.


  • Updated to cborm2 for testing harness
  • Updated to TestBox 3


  • Removed ACF 11 Support
  • ORM Auto includes only marshalls properties instead of everything.

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