LogBox 1.4 Released!

Luis Majano July 12, 2010

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Luis Majano

July 12, 2010

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Our amazing LogBox: Enterprise Logging Library reaches another step in maturity to version 1.4.  This release has some great additions but also some needed fixes.  We have now also added the ability to download and view the CFC API Docs online thanks to Mark Mandel's ColdDoc, thanks Mark! ColdDoc is now part of the build processes of ColdBox and auxiliary frameworks.

You can now download the LogBox version that contains the docs and both versions of LogBox: standalone and coldbox enabled.  Of course, all our docs are now updated also.

This release includes the following:


Version 1.4

1006 Fixes to DSL when doing appender affinity, not converting log levels to numeric
You can now define the log levels as numerical values or the static constant strings
1007 logLevels isLevelValid not assuring a valid level wrong boolean operation
1008 appender() not doing level checks
It now can handle both numeric and string constants
1009 refactoring the log levels argument types to consolidate them at the three input methods thanks to brad wood
1010 Appender registration an init() not registering the log levels correctly
1011 refactor logger and appender to verify logging levels sent via init()
1032 Update the ensurance of datasources and let CF throw exception instead in the Database Appender
1054 Creation of XML schema for LogBox, you can now use a schema located in the config folder.

Appender Affinity
You can now define a last line of defense at the appender level.  Each appender can define their own logging levels if needed.

LogBox Schema
If you like XML (we won't hold it against you), you can now use our nifty schema to get tag insight and validation.  The schema can be located in "logbox/system/config/LogBoxConfig.xsd" or can be found online on a per version basis:

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