ContentBox v1.2.0

Luis Majano March 29, 2013

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Luis Majano

March 29, 2013

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We are happy that we are at it again and released version 1.2.0 of ContentBox Modular CMS.  This release is definitely huge in magnitude with over 50 tickets resolved.  We are also hard at work in our next sprint which will include lots of new goodies plus our initial documentation and UI change pushes.  So expect a lot more in the coming months as we pick up steam.  You can view our release notes in our new documentation pages to see all the changes and fixes.  Below we will focus on the major features of this release.

Security Checker

ContentBox now checks your installation for potential security risks and allows you to take action.  It also uses the OWASP AntiSamy plugin in ColdBox to sanitize all user input from XSS attacks.

Global Search

ContentBox now sports a fancy Global Search for all kinds of content in your box :).  You can easily search from anywhere in the admin for Content, Custom HTML, Blog Entries, and even users.

Site Options

As an administrator you now can have fine granular control about your site and be able to do things like:

  • Site Metadata
  • Home page chooser
  • Enable SSL security for the entire site

Admin Module Options

As an administrator you now can have fine granular control about the administration module:

  • Enable SSL security for the administrator
  • Dashboard options
  • Pagination Options

Commit Changelog

You can now as an administrator force commit change logs for all content objects to keep historial traces with more accuracy.  You can also limit the amount of versions you would like to keep for each content object in ContentBox.  After that maximum is met then ContentBox recycles the amount by removing the latest entry in the version stack.

Editor Options

We now sport a brand new editor options panel where administrators can do the following:

  • Select the default Editor for users (Users can also have a favorite editor of their own too)
  • Select the default markup engine for content (Users can also have their favorite markup preference)
  • Manipulate the CKEditor toolbar options
  • Manipulate the CKEditor Excerpt toolbar options
  • Manage the extra plugins that are loaded by CKEditor


User Preferences Panel

Users now sport their own preferences panel and as administrators you can even manage the preferences in their raw JSON format.  We also have opened the preferences API in each user object, so module authors can add more preferences or panels to this area.

New Widget Manager

We now sport a new widget manager for ContentBox.  Widget authors will love that you can now categorize and iconify their widgets within ContentBox.  More documentation has been made available right from the admin and now you can actually self-document any method in widgets.  This means that widget authors can now create multiple methods in their widgets that editors can interact with right from within ContentBox.