We're proud to announce the immediate release of CommandBox 4.8.0 which is a minor release, containing a handful of bug fixes, new features, and improvements.  


You can download the new release on our product page:


Please note this release is still using Lucee 5.2 to power the CLI due to unaddressed bugs still in the 5.3 series of releases.  We are still working with LAS to get those fixed, but in the mean time, we still recommend using Java 8 for your CLI to avoid errors.


The docs have been updated and are available here:



Here's a few notable changes in CommandBox 4.8.0:

Cached HTTP Downloads

You can now cache downloads using the HTTP(S) endpoints using the following syntaxes:

install https+cached://downloads.ortussolutions.com/ortussolutions/coldbox-modules/cbi18n/1.4.0/cbi18n-1.4.0.zip

start cfengine=http+cached://update.lucee.org/rest/update/provider/forgebox/

This will speed up builds.

Change to Previous Directory

Thanks to a pull request from John Berquist, we've borrowed a Bash and Powershell feature of being able to change back to your previous working directory by typing this:

cd -

Better Tab Completion

Thanks to more pull requests from John Berquist, you can use file and folder based tab completion when typing native binaries from CommandBox 

!foo bar "C:/Program Files/baz/myFile.cf_

And tab completion also works better now when typing a quoted string such as a file path that contains a space.  This is a huge timesaver!

cd "C:/program Fi_

Access to Intercept data in package scripts

Package scripts that are fired from internal interception points, can access any intercept data via environment variables.  This example writes a file into a server home directory when the server starts, using an environment variable to dynamically find the correct path.

package set scripts.onServerStart="touch \$ {interceptData.SERVERINFO.serverHomeDirectory}/hi.txt"

Release Notes

Here are the full release notes for CommandBox 4.8.0:


  • [COMMANDBOX-991] - Can't always install modules - git error: Directory already exists
  • [COMMANDBOX-994] - regex metachars not escaped properly in first token of run command
  • [COMMANDBOX-998] - testbox watch command doesn't obey verbose flag in box.json
  • [COMMANDBOX-999] - Sometimes line breaks leak to console when using expansions
  • [COMMANDBOX-1000] - Pass ad-hoc parameters to package scripts
  • [COMMANDBOX-1003] - Servers bound to don't open useful browser URL
  • [COMMANDBOX-1030] - unicode chars not read from readme files when publishing
  • [COMMANDBOX-1040] - Native OS execution doesn't handle exit on fail for *nix
  • [COMMANDBOX-1041] - Install path not respected when createPackageDirectory set to false

New Feature