We are pleased to announce the release of CommandBox 4.6.0.  This is a minor release that fixes a few bugs and adds a couple nice features.  We recommend you upgrade at your earliest convenience.  

The latest binaries are available from our download page.

The latest docs are here in GitBook.

The latest ASCII art is waiting for you in the CLI.

And the latest release notes are below.

Release Notes


  • [COMMANDBOX-934] - Server commands can have huge delay on Windows
  • [COMMANDBOX-937] - List artifacts alphabetically.
  • [COMMANDBOX-939] - /usr/bin/open on Linux
  • [COMMANDBOX-942] - Errors in command CFCs can cause box to exit completely during tab complete
  • [COMMANDBOX-949] - Running native binary that returns lots of text can perform poorly
  • [COMMANDBOX-950] - Interceptor service blows up if you register a module with an interceptor not matching any current states
  • [COMMANDBOX-951] - Allow modules to register an interceptor with no currently valid states
  • [COMMANDBOX-953] - Catch errors from desktop.isDesktopSupported()

New Feature

  • [COMMANDBOX-930] - Allow system setting (env var) expansions in REPL
  • [COMMANDBOX-932] - Improve task DSL to allow access to exit code
  • [COMMANDBOX-944] - Add config setting to debug raw native command being used in the "run" command


  • [COMMANDBOX-249] - Enforce correct casing conventions on scaffolding commands
  • [COMMANDBOX-927] - Update propertyFile core module
  • [COMMANDBOX-928] - Improve default ignores in box.json from init command.
  • [COMMANDBOX-929] - Disable ping to time server host by default
  • [COMMANDBOX-931] - Allow exit code to be returned via "return" keyword
  • [COMMANDBOX-935] - Improve syntax highlighting in REPL
  • [COMMANDBOX-938] - Checking interrupted status from inside a thread doesn't end the task/command
  • [COMMANDBOX-943] - Remove hint from default CFC in Lucee for CommandBox CFCs with no hint of their own
  • [COMMANDBOX-945] - Endpoint URL shows incorrectly for forgebox endpoints
  • [COMMANDBOX-948] - Enhance tab complete for private slugs