CommandBox 3.7.0 Released

Brad Wood July 17, 2017

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Brad Wood

July 17, 2017

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We are excited to announce the general availability of CommandBox 3.7.0.  This is another minor release for CommandBox, but comes packed with some major new features.  If you want a more comprehensive overview of what's been added, read through this post where we put out our call for release candidate testing.  Here's a high level overview of what's gone into this latest release.

What's New

  • Task Runners - Run ad-hoc builds from the CLI written in CFML (Read more)
  • Manage System Packages - update, list, and uninstall system modules (Read more)
  • File Globbing - Use place holders like **.cfc for file operations to affect more than one file at a time. (Read more)
  • Command Aliases - Alias your favorite commands for easy access in the future (Read more)
  • Global Command Parameter Defaults - Set common parameters to have a given value at a global level (Read more)
  • System Settings - Utilize environment variables to make your package and servers more dynamic (Read more)
  • Testbox Run - Improved, minimalist output to the "testbox run" command (Read more)
  • TestBox Watchers - Watch a directory for file changes and run your unit tests (Read more)
  • Customize REST Servlets - Customize or disable the REST servlet paths on Lucee and Adobe servers (Read more)
  • Custom Java Versions - Start your CF servers with any version of Java you want (Read more)
  • Property files - New commands and helper libs for dealing with property files (Read more)
  • Basic Authentication - Enable basic security on your servers with unlimited users (Read more)
  • Custom URL to Open - Customize the browser URL that opens when you start a server (Read more)
  • Disable Tray Icon - Turn off the system tray icon for your servers entirely (Read more)
  • Show Proxy IP - Servers pass through the original user IP through proxies
  • Jar Endpoint - Install 3rd party jars into your projects (Read more)


To get this latest release, use the download links on our CommandBox product page.  We've also updated our apt packages and Homebrew listings, so you can simply use your favorite package manager as well if that's how you installed CommandBox.


As usual, you can view our GitBook documentation.  It's been fully updated to reflect all the latest features and improvements.

The new command API docs are also available here:

Release Notes


  • [COMMANDBOX-176] - Server start tries to open HTTP URL even if it's disabled
  • [COMMANDBOX-474] - testbox run with runner urls that have a query string fail
  • [COMMANDBOX-525] - cf_scripts folder not working on Adobe 2016
  • [COMMANDBOX-600] - Catastrophic runner errors in testbox run don't fail tests
  • [COMMANDBOX-611] - errors if you start second CLI while first one is using the temp dir
  • [COMMANDBOX-616] - TestBox scaffolds are missing super calls for beforeAll/afterAll
  • [COMMANDBOX-621] - Prevent two servers from getting the same name
  • [COMMANDBOX-625] - Basic auth doesn't set cgi.remote_user
  • [COMMANDBOX-651] - unregister method in interceptor service doesn't work

New Feature


  • [COMMANDBOX-568] - Better error message for invalid JSON in a server.json file


  • [COMMANDBOX-429] - Update debian build signing to be higher than SHA-256
  • [COMMANDBOX-586] - If publishing but not logged into forgebox, prompt for login instead of just erroring
  • [COMMANDBOX-597] - Clean up SSL cert and key file parameters for server start
  • [COMMANDBOX-601] - Improve HTML to ANSI conversion on larger strings
  • [COMMANDBOX-602] - Refactor JSON formatter to separate lib for reuse
  • [COMMANDBOX-606] - Add trace flag for starting server
  • [COMMANDBOX-612] - Improve output of "testbox run" command
  • [COMMANDBOX-617] - Remove deprecated and unused properties from box.json with init
  • [COMMANDBOX-618] - Don't try to output binary data in REPL
  • [COMMANDBOX-622] - Show "last started" datetime for servers
  • [COMMANDBOX-623] - Customize URL that opens when starting server
  • [COMMANDBOX-626] - Allow commandbox-modules to register endpoints
  • [COMMANDBOX-646] - Enhance parser to allow quoted spaces in parameter names
  • [COMMANDBOX-650] - WireBox injection DSL allow to drill down into Config Settings
  • [COMMANDBOX-652] - Command to remove trailing spaces from code files
  • [COMMANDBOX-657] - Allow console flag to be stored in server.json like every other setting
  • [COMMANDBOX-658] - Allow publishing of private packages

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