Luis Majano

February 23, 2011

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Welcome to yet another release of the ColdBox Platform Utilities. This release has updated templates for applications, wirebox integration, wirebox variable mappings and our cool new ColdSpring to WireBox XML converter. I think the video will showcase these new features and how to use them.

ColdBox Platform Utilities v2.5 from Luis Majano on Vimeo.

You can either use the extension's auto-update feature or download the release from forgebox.  Also remember that our code is on GitHub: So we encourage you to fork and contribute! Also remember that anybody can contribute to forgebox and distribute your applications, plugins, modules, etc on any CFBuilder installation via the ColdBox Platform Utilities, the ForgeBox module, ColdBox Dashboard and even the ColdBox website. So don't be a grinch and contribute ( ).

Here are the tickets for this milestone:

Version 2.5

  • #coldbox-platform-utilities-10 ColdSpring XML file to WireBox binder conversion tool
  • #coldbox-platform-utilities-11 create a new wirebox binder template
  • #coldbox-platform-utilities-12 Update wirebox integrations to new standards
  • #coldbox-platform-utilities-13 wirebox generation of provider methods via editor
  • #coldbox-platform-utilities-14 updated variable mappings to include wirebox classes

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