Luis Majano

January 17, 2011

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Welcome to yet another release of the ColdBox Platform Utilities. This release has updated templates for applications, modules and ORM services, and some great new features.

You can either use the extension's auto-update feature or download the release from forgebox.  Also remember that our code is on GitHub:
So we encourage you to fork and contribute! Also remember that anybody can contribute to forgebox and distribute your applications, plugins, modules, etc on any CFBuilder installation via the ColdBox Platform Utilities, the ForgeBox module, ColdBox Dashboard and even the ColdBox website. So don't be a grinch and contribute ( )

New Features

#6 Ability to modify ColdFusion Builder Project settings.xml to add ColdBox variable mappings, requires IDE restart until CFBuilder 2.0 comes out.  Basically adds variable mappings for the following variables to their appropriate classes:

  • event
  • controller
  • flash
  • logbox
  • log
  • cacheBox
  • wireBox

#7 Updates to all application templates and handler templates

#8 Ability to generate implicit handler methods from the editor's context menu.  This is a cool feature. Just right click on the editor when editing a ColdBox event handler and then you can generate all kinds of implicit convention based methods on that handler.  Cool huh!!:

#9 Ability to generate implicit action methods from outline view by choosing the method action.  You can very easily right click on any cffunction within your outline view in builder and then choose to generate implicit methods for THAT specific event.

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Jan 18, 2011 12:02:32 UTC

by Michael

I used the autoupdate feature of the cfbuilder extension. It correctly identified an update was available. When I clicked to install, the graphic that gets displayed was missing (red x). The update installed though. I closed cfbuilder and reopened it. On my extensions tab it still shows the previous version (2.3). I ran the autoupdate again and it says that the version installed is currect (2.4). Perhaps the extensions tab only shows the version initially installed?

Jan 18, 2011 12:04:24 UTC

by Luis Majano

Thanks Michael. Yes, I believe this is a cfbuilder bug, that it does not reflect the update immediately. You have to refresh or update the extensions so it can reflect the IDE change on version ONLY. As for the graphic, I will look into it as a Spinner should let you know it is working. THanks!!

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