We have now released version 1.6 of the ColdBox Platform Utilities extension for ColdFusion Builder.  This 1.6 updates almost all of the assets and internal templates for some nice refactoring.  You can use the auto update features if you like, however, we recommend for this release to do a manual override, as there are several things that need to removed also.  The upcoming releases will be more stable in terms of auto-updating.  Or if you are adventurous, just click on the Auto Update features and voila done!

Version 1.6 Updates
  • Lots syntax updates and refactoring
  • Addition of css/js and jquery assets
  • Install from ForgeBox by slug entry.  You can now very easily install ANY entry from ForgeBox by just using its unique slug
  • Lots of updates for setting up interceptors with or without programmatic configurations