Luis Majano

August 25, 2009

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Sana Ullah, from Team ColdBox, started this project a while back and it has gotten quite some tracking that we are now releasing a 1.0 of this extension for Adobe ColdFusion Builder. If you do not know that we now have a ColdFusion IDE then you have been living under a rock. Anyways, you can get the beta of Adobe ColdFusion Builder first and then follow to install our ColdBox Platform Utilities extension.

Once installed you will be able to do the following:
  • If you create a new ColdFusion Project and follow the wizard, you will get to a screen that allows you to select applications to generate.  You can now select "ColdBox Platform Utilities" and it will allow you to choose which type of ColdBox application you would like to generate: Advanced, Simple or Flex/Air Application.  It will then create your project with a fully working ColdBox application.
  • You can create handlers, plugins, interceptors and model objects with cool wizards and even in full cfscript syntax.
  • New Handler Wizard: Have the ability to generate a new event handler.  The wizard will ask you for a name, description, if you want it in full cfscript or normal tag syntax, as you for actions to generate and then you can even tell the wizard to create the views for you, again, conventions to the rescue!
  • New Plugin Wizard: Are you a plugin magician or want to become one! Well, you can easily follow this wizard and generate a new plugin even with persistence created for you.
  • New Interceptor Wizard: Are you delving into the world of interceptions, AOP, and advanced ColdBox.  You can now create interceptors with ease. You can even choose which interception points to listen to.
  • New Model object wizard: You can also generate model objects with their persistence information in full script or tag based syntax.
  • Generate ColdBox Applications from our 3 provided templates: Advanced, Simple, and Flex/Remote integration.  But that is not it.  You can place YOUR OWN ColdBox application templates in zip format in the provided "skeletons" folder and the extension will absorb it.  So if you want your own style of apps you can!
So enjoy this 1.0 release of our ColdFusion Builder Extension: ColdBox Platform Utilities.  Again, this extension would not be possible if it was not for the hard work of Sana Ullah, our master contributor!

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Aug 27, 2009 12:12:46 UTC

by aaron

how do you install it?

Aug 27, 2009 12:18:05 UTC

by Luis Majano

To install them use the extensions preference panel in CodlFusion Builder. In Windows menu bar: Window > Preferences In Mac menu bar: File > Preferences Then expand in the left preferences panel: ColdFusion and click on Extensions. Then in the right panel either click install and point it to the zip file or expand the extension in your web root or wherever it is accesible to the cf server. Then click on import. I usually expand the archive in my webroot folder called "CFBuilderExtension" and then click import from there.

Aug 27, 2009 13:02:55 UTC

by aaron

awesome. btw, thanks for coldbox. it kicks lots of ass.

Aug 28, 2009 06:51:40 UTC

by Raymond Camden

FYI, the download isn't working from RIAForge.

Aug 28, 2009 12:32:48 UTC

by LUis Majano

Thanks Ray!! Fixed it!!

Oct 08, 2009 11:27:33 UTC

by Julio

I can't install the extensions. I tried using import and install, no success. I tried extracting the zip in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\cfextensions (on the remote server). Then I mapped network folder x:\ to import from there. But no success. Any tips? Thanks! JC

Dec 17, 2010 02:04:34 UTC

by coach store

Thanks Ray. This post was actually from 4/5/2008. I'll take a look at the skins for Mango and see if any of them show the full date.

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