ColdBox 6.8.0 Released

Luis Majano August 01, 2022

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Luis Majano

August 01, 2022

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I am incredibly excited to announce the release of ColdBox v6.8.0 and its standalone companion libraries: CacheBox, LogBox and WireBox. This update includes some important fixes and we managed to squeeze some nice improvements!

Updating ColdBox

update coldbox

# If you are using standalone libraries, then update those
update wirebox
update cachebox
update logbox

You can find our what's new document here: So let's explore the release notes.

Release Notes

ColdBox HMVC Core


  • COLDBOX-1134 Router closure responses not marshalling complex content to json
  • COLDBOX-1132 New virtual app was always starting up the virtual coldbox app instead of checking if it was running already


  • COLDBOX-1131 Updated Missing Action Response Code to 404 instead of 405
  • COLDBOX-1127 All core async proxies should send exceptions to the error log

New Feature

  • COLDBOX-1130 New config/ColdBox.cfc global injections: webMapping, coldboxVersion
  • COLDBOX-1126 Funnel all out and err logging on a ColdBox Scheduled Task to LogBox


  • COLDBOX-1135 Remove HandlerTestCase as it is no longer in usage.

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