Luis Majano

July 09, 2021

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Today we are excited to release ColdBox v6.5.0 and its standalone companion libraries: CacheBox, LogBox and WireBox. This release has focused on stability and making sure all bugs are addressed especially when using our schedulers and asynchronous processes. As usual, here are the update procedures:

update coldbox

# If you are using standalone libraries, then update those
update wirebox
update cachebox
update logbox

You can find our what's new document here: So let's explore the release notes.

Release Notes

ColdBox HMVC


COLDBOX-1021 fix lastBusinessDay tests to reflect if the now is the actual last business day of the month

COLDBOX-1020 ColdBox does not allow for non-existent client cookies when using Flash RAM

COLDBOX-1019 ACF 2021 introduced getTimezone() so we need to be specific when getting timezones in the scheduler or else it fails

COLDBOX-1016 CF-2018 stats.lastResult is null when task->call have runEvent("xxxx")

COLDBOX-1015 Element cleaner not matching on query strings due to misordering of map keys. Use a TreepMap to normalize ordering so event caching and view caching cleanups can ocur.

COLDBOX-1014 response object cached response was never used, rely on the master bootstrap ColdBox cache response header

COLDBOX-1013 RendererEncapsulator overwrites view()-Method from FrameworkSupertype

COLDBOX-1010 this.nullSupport = true breaks coldbox

COLDBOX-1008 ScheduleTask listeners are only testing for isClosure() and lambdas return false, so do an or check for isCustomFunction() to support lambdas

COLDBOX-1007 scheduled task doesn't listen to when() in Scheduler.cfc

COLDBOX-1004 Custom matchers debug() function not found since it's injected in isolation

COLDBOX-1003 Scheduler service DI constructor argument was using the string literal instead of the string value for the scheduler name

COLDBOX-1002 added this scope to getTimezone() to address issue with ACF-2021 bif

COLDBOX-1001 category not logged correctly in async loggers


COLDBOX-1023 Readjustments to fail fast and reloading procedures when there are exceptions and reiniting becomes impossible.

COLDBOX-1018 Enable proxy to use the ColdBox app key defined in the bootstrap instead of hard coding it

COLDBOX-1017 Delay loadApplicationHelpers() in interceptors so modules can contribute udf helpers and even core interceptors can load them.

COLDBOX-1012 Move coldbox inited flag to after after aspects load, so we can make sure all modules are loaded before serving requests

COLDBOX-1009 RESTHandler capture JWT TokenException to authentication failures



CACHEBOX-68 BlackHoleStore never finishes reap() method {% endtab %}



LOGBOX-63 Allow for dbappender to have default column maps instead of strict maps and allow for all methods to use the maps

New Features

LOGBOX-64 Ability to add new appenders after config has been registered already

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