State of the ColdBox

ColdBox 4.0 is a major release. The most significant major release since it went alpha/1.0 in June of 2006.

Most of the changes have been focused around streamlining, efficiency, extendability, and leaning out those things aren't really essential.

This may leave you wondering, "What's left?"

Helping the core

Outside of the absolute core, essential code that makes ColdBox tick; three of the iconic Box products are "baked in" to the core.

  1. WireBox 2.0
  2. CacheBox 2.0
  3. LogBox 2.0

Each of these libraries are automatically in ColdBox 4.0 because we use them to do ColdBox magic - they are an essential part of ColdBox processes.

Everybody gets an update!

As part of the ColdBox 4.0 release, each of these libraries also got their own major updates.

Not just for ColdBox

Each of these libraries are also available for non-ColdBox CFML use. We find them so useful that we don't want to keep them to ourselves. Each of them is available on ForgeBox for download and use in any CFML application.

To make working with these libraries easy, whether you are working in ColdBox or separately, each library has their own refcard to help make things simple and clear.