Luis Majano

September 04, 2014

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Ortus Solutions is proud to announce the general beta availability of ColdBox 4.0.0 and CommandBox 1.0.0.  This has been over 6 months of hard work from the engineering team to bring you two revolutionary new product releases that we are sure is going to change the ColdFusion (CFML) landscape.  

ColdBox 4 has become one of the most widely used MVC frameworks and we take it to another level in this release by completely modularizing the core even further and decoupling all major functionality into Core Modules that can be assembled by CommandBox for you.  This means that the source has been reduced by over 75% which leaves core MVC as the only thing delivered with ColdBox now.  Everything else is optional and brought on-demand via CommandBox.  There are over 50 issues and features in this release and you can find out much more about it in our engineering blog.

CommandBox is a revolutionary product as it becomes the first Command Line Interface, package manager, REPL, recipe runner and more for ColdFusion (CFML).  CommandBox will help you not only create and work faster, but also track dependencies, packages and even execute a-la-carte CFML right in your operating system.  Check out the product page for more in-depth information about CommandBox and this beta release.


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Sep 08, 2014 13:44:22 UTC

by Stewart McGuire

With the Coldbox ORM extensions in a module now, do you have any instructions on how to setup the ORM configuration? Specifically, what do I set the eventHandler to in the application.ormSettings and how do I extend the activeEntity classs in my models?

Sep 09, 2014 11:53:10 UTC

by Luis Majano

Hi Stewart, we have added a few of this to the instructions in the download. I will make sure to add more instructions if needed as we prepare the new site for the new docs. But the instructions.txt has it all.

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