We are proud to announce yet another ColdBox Platform release version 3.5.2. This is an important patch release that addresses many concurrency issues and gives you stability and of course some goodies. This release also encompasses a new WireBox release (v1.5.0) and a new CacheBo release (v1.3.2). Here are our "What's New" guidelines:

Below are the major areas we concentrated in this release:


  • Theading locking issues while using the logbox asynchronous appender, file rotation and cachebox reaping.
  • Concurrency issue when registering interceptors, plugins, and handlers dynamically. Mixups under heavy load.
  • Updated CacheBox fixes up to 1.3.2
  • Updated WireBox fixes up to 1.5.0
  • SSL relocations via SES interceptor where not working correctly on full URL paths
  • Mail payloads empty server fixes when sending mail with no server
  • RSS reader plugin exception under railo due to URL scope usage


  • Validation result object has two new convenience methods: getAllErrorsAsStruct(), getAllErrorsAsJSON() so you can get flat representations of your object/form validations. Great for UI or JavaScript integrations.
  • Mail addAttachments() method now has a remove argument you can use to remove the attachment once email is sent.
  • New caching enhancement for renderView() and renderExternalView(). New argument cacheProvider so you can now override the default template provider with whatever provider you like.
  • HTML helper new methods: emailField(), URLField() for generating HTML5 email and URL fields.

Thanks for always supporting us and a great ColdBox Developer Week!