ColdBox 3.0.0 Beta 2 Released!

Luis Majano October 07, 2009

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Luis Majano

October 07, 2009

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In spirit of releasing more stuff, here is our next milestone for our 3.0.0 release Beta 2.  This beta keeps in spirit of innovation of the 3.0.0 series, but please note that if you are upgrading from previous releases you will need to follow our compatibility guide in order to get your application 3.0.0 compatible.  You can check out our What's New in 3.0.0 document and see all of the documentation of the new features or changed features of 3.0.0.  Please mark it as the documents are constantly being updated as release progresses.

Here is a list of tickets closed for our Beta 2 Milestone:

Deprecate - webservices DevURL attribute. No longer needed
Create More Cache load tests and concurrency tests and long-running tests
Instead persistVariables() method we now use flash objects. But compatibility is still kept
Handler Service throwing error when no handlers found even though external handlers are defined
testing classes are not respecting the persistence over requests
Make every field after settings dynamic using ${} replacement
new MI setting: ModelsDefinitionFile which points to ModelMappings.cfm by convention
Ability to have a list of external locations for ModelsExternalLocation
new context method: event.noExecution() to not execute a main event, you can use this to simulate servlets via interceptors or ses routing
getDecimalSymbols on i18n plugin has an error on getPlusSign method.
If translation does not exist in current resource bundle, it will now look in the default resource bundle for the translation
add singleton support to handlers and plugins just like model integration
better exception handling on handler and plugin creation
Mockbox not recognizing argument's signature for mocked methods.
New Flash Ram object on handlers, plugins, interceptors,layouts and views. out of the box we support flash ram destinations as: session,client,cluster,coldbox cache. You can also create your own flash ram providers
category inheritance for loggers
2.6.3 logging settings are now all deprecated in favor of logbox configuration
Logger plugin completely updated to support logging now via LogBox
onInvalidEvent redirection not standardized
New autowire DSL elements: logBox, logBox:rootLogger, logBox:logger:category name
requestService appending form/url collections twice unecessarily
invocation paths for plugins, handlers, models where not fully parsed for dot notation and caused problems on metadata
QueryHelper plugin now supports case insensitive sorting
resource bundle, getResource() add a default argument for returning defaults
New implicit handler: missingTemplateHandler that will execute in the onMissingTemplate Handler
missing ApplicationTemplateSimple
regex bug when clearing events from cache using query strings
event caching not taking into consideration incoming form arguments when building the cache hashes
New ses method: setAutoReload() which can make the interceptor reload its routes in each request. Mostly for dev.
resource bundle plugin update to support concurrency issues, default locales and default values when getting resources
when using setLayout() you can now also send in the name (alias) of the layout as registered in the configuration file. You basically create an alias to layouts so you reference them by name instead of by filename
New interceptor annotation on methods: eventPattern, a regex that will be used to ONLY execute the interception point if the incoming event matches the regex
ses is not allowing external configuration files to be loaded
BeanFactory is not allowing external configuration files to be loaded
Typo on UknownTranslation when it should be UnknownTranslation
Deploy interceptor new property: DeployCommandModel that points to a model object that will be used for the execution
preRender interception point not copying back the potentially modified content string back for rendering
isEmail validation checks need to allow for + in the email addresses
Plugins, Handlers, Interceptors new data member: log which is a pre-configured logger for that object
Addition of getLoadedURLs() to see what resources are being loaded by the javaloader
Ability to append resource paths of jars, clases to a current loaded javaloader plugin
New data members for all plugins,interceptors,handlers: log (pre-configured logger object), logBox (A logbox reference), flash (A reference to your app's flash object)
MTCacheManager bug when expiring by key snippets asynchronously. objectKey not found, when it should be keysnippet
controller throwing exception when relocating with ses mode and no varstruct's defined
handlerservice not relocating on invalid events when handler is invalid
getModel() optional call to init()

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