CFConfig 1.0.0 Released

Brad Wood September 18, 2018

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Brad Wood

September 18, 2018

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We are proud to finally release version 1.0.0 of CFConfig.  This library has been in development for nearly two years (20 months) and has had over 100 alpha releases!  CFConfig is already in use for production deploys, development setups and in the Ortus Docker Image.  CFConfig is a CLI tool built upon a set of services that can manage the configuration of your Adobe, Lucee, and Railo servers so you never have to manually setup a server again. 

CFConfig has been a huge effort and has received more pull requests than most of our projects for the time it has existed.  A big shout out goes to the CFML Community for coming together to help make CFConfig a realityWe've had 12 contributors and over 30 pull requests! Contributors include:

  • Brad Wood
  • Ben Ferdinandus
  • Mark Drew
  • Joe Gooch
  • John Berquist
  • Gary Stanton
  • Matthew Clemente
  • Shane Austin
  • Eric Peterson
  • Israel Urguiza
  • Pete Freitag
  • Tim Brown
  • Andrew Davis


You can get the latest version of CFConfig like so:

install commandbox-cfconfig

We recommend using the latest version of CommandBox (4.2), but CFConfig is compatible with 3.6+.


The docs for CFConfig can be found here:


Here's a quick overview of some of the things you can do with CFConfig.  Check the docs link above for a full list.

Show settings on a server

cfconfig show
cfconfig show requestTimeout

Set server settings

cfconfig set adminPassword=myPass
cfconfig set requestTimeout=0,0,5,0

Export and Import settings to servers

cfconfig export .cfconfig.json
cfconfig import .cfconfig.json

Transfer config between servers

cfconfig transfer from=server1 to=server2

Diff configuration between two servers

cfconfig diff from=server1 to=server2



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