There's 2 weeks left before ColdBox Developer Week delivers a solid week of online ColdBox-related CFML training.  We have 15 different sessions lined up and the one I'd like to feature today is "Seamless ColdBox-Powered Rich Internet Applications" by Phill Nacelli.  This session will be held at 1pm CST on Thursday, July 26th.

Here's the session description:

Seamless ColdBox-Powered Rich Internet Applications

"In this session we’ll be looking at different ways we can power Rich Internet Applications using the ColdBox Platform. We’ll explore how to use ColdBox’s built in proxy and how to extend its functionality to allow for a seamless integration between the server and the client. If you are already or is planning to work with Rich Client user interfaces like HTML5/Ajax or Flex/AIR this session will be a great addition to your toolbox. The speaker will also unveil a new CBProxy extension library he has been working on that you won’t want to miss."

And here's a bit of history on the presenter:

Phill Nacelli

"Phill Nacelli has been architecting and developing software solutions for over 10 years. He has led the engineering and development of multiple enterprise web based applications for the Federal Government, Commercial Software, and Non-Profit Association/Education markets. He enjoys playing with the latest in programming techniques, frameworks and development tools. Phill is very active in the Adobe ColdFusion community as a member of the Adobe Community Professional Program, serving as the Capital Area ColdFusion User Group Manager, and Adobe ColdFusion Customer Advisory Board."

For more on this and other great sessions AND to complete your FREE registration, check out the official ColdBox Developer Week site.  See you there!