There's only 1 week left before ColdBox Developer Week delivers a solid week of online ColdBox-related CFML training.  We have 15 different sessions lined up and the one I'd like to feature today is "MultiLingual (i18N) Solutions in ColdBox Platform" by Oguz Demirkapi.  This session will be held at 3pm CST on Tuesday, July 24th.

Here's the session description:

MultiLingual (i18N) Solutions in ColdBox Platform

"This presentation will provide base i18N definitions and will demo i18N support in ColdBox platform by creating an i18N ready application from scratch. You will be amazed how easy to create an multilingual application by using ColdBox."

And here's a bit of history on the presenter:

Oguz Demirkapi

"Oguz Demirkapi is a code poet and lover of all things related to intelligent web technologies. He started developing CGI web applications in 1994 and has developed cutting edge ColdFusion applications since 1997. Serving as Chief Technological Officer or Senior Developer for many well known commercial and Blue Chip companies in Turkey, Germany and the U.S., Oguz has been a fixture in the ever evolving realm of computer science and a selfless mentor to aspiring developers. He remains active in various user groups such as Linux, ColdFusion, Flex etc. and was the founder and leader of CFTR - ColdFusion Turkey User Group and Orange County Adobe Developers User Group, an emerging hub of ColdFusion development. A well known and highly regarded ColdFusion evangelist, Oguz has presented at numerous conferences and user group meetings in Europe and the United States. His main areas of interest lie in ColdFusion, Flex, Frameworks technologies, CMS, portal, e-commerce solutions and social web applications. Among his many achievements he is a renowned expert in i18N & L10N implementation"

For more on this and other great sessions AND to complete your FREE registration, check out the official ColdBox Developer Week site.  See you there!