Friday, July 29th is the last of our webinars in our ContentBox Roadshow, which has been pumping out blog posts and webinars all throughout the month of July. In this last webinar I'm going to do a deep dive into modules, providing a walkthrough on how to create modules, and use them in your ContentBox site, hopefully that sounds interesting, and you'll join us.

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Most of the blog posts I have been writing for the roadshow, and even before the roadshow began, has been focused on modules. I think ContentBox is a great product, but there is always something more you want to add to your site, or something unique you need, so this is where Modules are perfect. 

Here are some of the items we will cover

  • Create a new module
    • Test the entry point
    • Create a layout for the module
    • Set the module to inherit the layout from the theme
  • Create an admin module
    • Test the entry point
    • Activate and deactivate it
    • Add admin menus items

The benefit of doing a webinar is the interaction, so I hope you can all make it Friday, ask questions, give feedback and we'll all learn something.

I have really enjoyed presenting these webinars, the feedback is amazing. For those interested, we'll discuss some ideas we have for keeping the community together, and talking at the end of the webinar. Lets make ContentBox a better tool for everyone.

Join me on Friday, July 29th at 9am PST, 11am Central to see all of this, ask questions, and more.
Webinar has past - View Free Recording

Hope to see you there