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What's New in Commandbox 4 - Tab Completion & Syntax Highlighting

Brad Wood
Jun 26, 2018


Learn about new improvements to tab completion and syntax highlighting in the REPL and shell in CommandBox 4.

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What's New in Commandbox 4 - Server Log Files

Brad Wood
Jun 19, 2018


Learn about how server log files are improved in CommandBox 4 for rewrites, access logs, and your servlet out log.

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What's New in Commandbox 4 - Task Runners

Brad Wood
Jun 15, 2018


Learn about Task Runner improvements in CommandBox 4.0 CLI for CFML and ColdFusion

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What's New in Commandbox 4 - 256 colors & Bullet Train

Brad Wood
Jun 06, 2018


Learn about using 256 color support and the CommandBox Bullet Train module in this new screencast.

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CommandBox 4.0.0 Released

Brad Wood
Jun 01, 2018


Today we are very pleased to announce the final release of CommandBox 4.0.0.  This has been one of our most ambitious releases and closed more than 70 tickets over 6 months of development and testing.  

This release has gone through a month of testing that created two release candidates.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped provide feedback.  There are a lot of new features and libraries in 4.0 as well as a major overhaul of many of the UI aspects of the CLI. 

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CommandBox 4 Release Candidate Available for Testing

Brad Wood
May 15, 2018


After 6 months of development, we are pleased to announce that CommandBox 4.0.0-RC.2 is available for your testing.  In case you're wondering, RC.1 was released at Into The Box last month, but I was super busy at the time and on the road for 2 solid weeks and didn't have the docs fully updated, so I didn't have a chance to blog it then.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who help contribute ideas, pull requests, and testing for CommandBox 4.  This is truly a group effort.

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New ForgeBox Features — March 2018

Eric Peterson
Mar 09, 2018


ForgeBox 3.0.0 has landed with tons of new features and updates including ForgeBox Storage and ForgeBox Lucee Provider!


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Screencast - Running CommandBox servers behind IIS with Boncode

Brad Wood
Jan 30, 2018


We've made another screencast for you and this one shows how you can run CommandBox sites behind an IIS web server using the Boncode connector.  If you're interested in using CommandBox for easy management of your production websites, this allows static files like images, JavaScript, or PDFs to be served by the web server.  It can also be handy if your site requires some IIS-specific features but you still want the portability and ease of deployment that comes with CommandBox and CFConfig.  

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Screencast - Starting CommandBox Servers as a Windows Service

Brad Wood
Jan 29, 2018


A common question we get now is how to take a CommandBox server and wrap it in a Windows service so it starts automatically at boot time.  This is ideal for production use or just a dev site that you always want to stay running.  With this new screencast, you will learn how to take any CommandBox server and install it as a Windows service using a free tool called NSSM.

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Upgrading ContentBox with CommandBox? Here's something you need to know before you do

Gavin Pickin
Jan 22, 2018


CommandBox is a great product, and it is always improving. Recently, one of those improvements threw a MASSIVE wrench in my world, and it might affect you too. Long story short, ContentBox stores custom modules, themes, widgets inside of the ContentBox module, usually with some tricky gitignore magic, you can ignore the core, and just commit your custom code to your repo. Now, after an update to CommandBox, if you do a install contentbox --force to update ContentBox around your changes, you might be surprised when CommandBox deletes all of your ContentBox modules, all of your ContentBox themes, all of your ContentBox widgets. Why CommandBox hates us all of a sudden?

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