Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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Ernst Van der Linden pointed me out to a great eclipse plugin to use when using ColdBox's Internationalization features. This plugin is the Eclipse Resource Bundles Plugin

Click for more screenshots

This is an incredible plugin that will help you work with multi-language resource bundles right from within eclipse. I Include the Attessor tool with ColdBox to facilitiate the usage of resource bundles, but this tool takes the cake.

  • It shows the property keys as a list or as a tree
  • It shows all the available locales at the same time
  • You can easily see multi-language translations at one time
  • Change languages with ease
  • New Language wizard that will blow your mind
  • If founds missed keys in any locale and displays a warning icon.
  • It saves the keys grouped, in alphabetical order and with the equal signs aligned.
  • It escapes Unicode characters that are not inside the ASCII subset. Example: Cu00F3digo postal for Código postal.
  • It founds duplicate property values.
  • Much More...

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Mar 18, 2008 00:02:54 UTC

by PaulH

if this is the same plug-in i'm thinking about: - it also trashes every other s/w RB so be very careful if you have to use RB from multiple sources (ask the farcry folks if you don't believe me) - it can write stuff out as UTF-8 (default behavior?), this can be incredibly BAD except for flex i guess ;-) btw "escaping" chars & the rest of the stuff you mention is supposed to be standard behavior for RB editors.

Mar 18, 2008 00:37:45 UTC

by Luis Majano

Thanks Paul, Good Notes for the people using it. I found it and played around with it. I still love my Attesoro tool though!!

Mar 18, 2008 14:42:24 UTC

by Ernst van der Linden

Good to know Paul., thanks!

Sep 11, 2009 07:26:22 UTC

by Jane Bronsik

Yeah, thanks Paul!

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