Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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ColdBox 2.5.2 is now available! This is an important update that will fix several bugs and some new updates. Also, not only is the new version out, but the new Official ColdBox Website. It has a spanking new look and its full of information for all users. There are several announcements on it, as well as the starting point of turning ColdBox into a Professional Open Source Project. So 2008 will sure be an interesting year for ColdBox, so stay tuned as the website gathers momentum and the next versions are already in the works.

As a sidenote, the entire new website is based on the following technologies that ColdBox recommends as a base for all web development projects:

ColdBox 2.5.2 : Galatas 5:1

New Features

* #322 Two new interception points: afterPluginCreation, afterHandlerCreation
* #323 Lightwire - Additon of containsBean method
* #324 Expose the persistVariables method on the controller and supertype to permit flash memory of the request collection on demand.
* #326 new autowire interceptor for autowiring handlers/plugins/interceptors with ioc beans
* #327 Utilities new method isSSL, a very useful utility method

Bug Fixes

* #321 ColdBoxProxy? - bug on empty structures, cfparam the form and url structures
* #325 Bluedragon cfthreading issue over names
* #328 Bug on environmentControl interceptor not calculating the path of the config file correctly
* #329 Update relative instantiation paths to full via coldbox.system, cf doesn't likey
* #330 getDebugMode on super type not returning correct value
* #332 ApplicationTemplate? - Remove hard ses rewrite rules, moved to install folder.
* #334 CacheManager? - expireAll is expiring eternal objects as well, when it shouldn't
* #335 CacheManager? - If clearKey fires and no object is removed, interceptor still fires when it should not
* #336 CacheManager? - metadata needs to be same as pool, or weird side effects occur on wrong case insensitive namings!!
* #337 sessionstorage naming is wrong for case sensitive OS's in several areas
* #338 ses interceptor - some unusual behavior on unique urls, when using custom routes.
* #339 ses interceptor - need to test if the path info has a leading "/" before stripping it, else it truncates it anyway
* #342 If AppMapping? = "/" the handler registration will fail.
* #343 ses interceptor - still placing appMapping on path even if blank. This produces a // path
* #344 CacheManager? - Eviction Counts are not being reported correctly
* #345 Debugging - Forgot to display the cache evictions
* #347 Environment Control Interceptor should fire on init

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16 Feb 2008 05:47 PM

by O?uz Demirkap?

Great job! Thanks! :)

17 Feb 2008 06:02 AM

by Sana

Man you really ROCK....... Thanks so such for a great web toolkit.

18 Feb 2008 07:26 AM

by Chris

Luis, Trying to update through the Dashboard, but it says I am up2date. My version 2.5.1 and Available Version 2.5.1

18 Feb 2008 12:00 PM

by Luis Majano

I might have left that part missing, Sorry, will update it today. OOPS!!

18 Feb 2008 09:10 PM

by Carlos

Excellent work, sir.

19 Feb 2008 02:04 PM

by Ernst van der Linden

Well done Luis!! Excelent job!!

19 Feb 2008 03:35 PM

by Josh Giese

wow, Luis, I am impressed. The site looks great! congrats on launching it.

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