Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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I think that a standard is arising on the way a method is injected with a request bus. My naming was requestContext and I believe mach-ii and fusebox use both event. I think it would be benefitial for developers for me to change this to event. What are your thoughts on this? This would help if a developer wants to switch from one framework to another or doing a transition, if some of the similar elements shared in an MVC framework can remain the same. I am for changing it to event, but I would like to know you opinions?

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Feb 27, 2007 14:48:06 UTC

by Sana

Hi Luis, This makes perfect sense, should have some compatibility to other frameworks, at-least vocabulary should be same, so new developers adopt more easily.

Feb 27, 2007 16:20:13 UTC

by Sami Hoda

Can this be a customizable parameter instead?

Feb 27, 2007 18:07:03 UTC

by Luis Majano

I have been going over this and I think the best way is to just call the method and pass the argument. It would then be up to the developer to name the argument. However, the type of the argument will always be: coldbox.system.beans.requestContext How does this sound?

Feb 27, 2007 19:09:58 UTC

by Sami Hoda

I suppose that works. Whenever there is a chance for flexibility, I'm for it.

Mar 05, 2007 19:19:15 UTC

by tony petruzzi

Actually most of the other frameworks let you change the name to whatever you want, they just use event as the default. But you are correct when saying that this would make it alot easier to transition from one framework to another. BTW great work. ColdBox is getting more and more attention lately. I haven't heard anything coming out of the Model-Glue camp.

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